WHY DOES THE HUSBAND NO LONGER WANT INTIMACY AND WHAT TO DO: Most often, the reason why the husband does not want intimacy is not the presence of a mistress, but the presence of other important factors. That is why you should carefully study them all, so as not to make a scandal for your partner in vain.



There are three main reasons that the spouse has lost interest in his soul mate:

  • cold sexually – after a long period of married life, passion in a relationship fades away. If a woman stops taking care of herself, ceases to amaze, and refuses to communicate, then the husband may experience rejection;
  • violation of personal boundaries – the spouse cools down if the wife begins to involve him in unnecessary personal details, for example, the details of her depilation ;
  • exchange of interpersonal roles – coldness arises because the spouse begins to behave like a man: she demonstrates her preferential earnings, makes all decisions herself, and the like.

All these factors, according to psychologists, more often than others become a stumbling block in marital relationships. Apart from them, there are several more reasons.


A busy work schedule and constant stress can infuriate any person, the stronger sex is no exception. Constant thoughts about work overshadow everything else: friends, family, and sex. This is especially true for private business owners since there is much more responsibility: employees, tax reporting, administrative authorities, and much more.

You can try to dilute his fuss with beautiful lace underwear, but he may simply not have enough strength for it. By nature, the stronger sex is a breadwinner for his family, so you should not blame him for little care, because it is by earning that he is trying to show the greatest care for the family.

Solution:  If relationship problems are related to work, then you need to get him to go on vacation. Even a short break will help him recover mentally and physically, he is guaranteed to show affection to you.

If the schedule does not allow him to go on a trip, then make him go to the dacha or go fishing with friends, this will be quite enough. The spouse may snap at such an offer, but you should not be offended, because he is under the pressure of working problems. Try to try again several times and be sure to try to support him as much as possible in any endeavor.


Sometimes the reason why the husband does not want intimacy may be associated with the presence of any disease, these include hormonal imbalance, a disease of the cardiovascular system. Antidepressants also affect sexual performance. If your partner is taking such pills to solve any problem, then it is worth forgetting about sexual intercourse for a while. Of course, a woman without sex faces many problems, but in the case of valid reasons, it can be quite successfully replaced by masturbation.

Solution: in this case, the intervention of doctors is required, since they can cure the disease. Many men refuse to visit hospitals, a woman will have to make an appointment with a doctor on her own. But if he is taking antidepressants, then there is no need to worry, the sexual appetite will return as soon as he finishes taking medications.


The modern problem is connected precisely with scientific and technological progress, or rather, with the availability of all kinds of gadgets. Computers, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones – all these are enemies of wives, whose husbands disappear in them for several hours. It is enough for the spouse to use the laptop for five minutes to check the mail, and he will be drawn in and spend three hours there. Naturally, he will get tired after that and move your “bed” indefinitely. If you notice this problem in your family, then it is worth starting to worry, because the further – the worse. Especially if your man decides to find a new sex partner.


Solution: psychologists recommend agreeing with a partner about a certain time limit for games or other computer hobbies. Also, be sure to identify one day per week when he will completely stop using devices. After a short time, you will notice the positive dynamics of such a compromise.


Many women are in a hurry to blame their husbands for their problems, allegedly he has a mistress or he loves to spend time with friends more. But sometimes the problem is concentrated in the woman herself. Constant reproaches, quarrels, unreasonable demands – all this is reflected in male desire. As a result, there comes a moment when you receive a categorical refusal for a sexual appeal.

Solution:  The wife should look at her husband again, just like she looked at him at the beginning of the relationship. Once she had already managed to attract his attention, so what could prevent her from doing it one more time? In addition, it is worth putting aside all claims, because most often they arise on trifles.

Add variety in bed to your approach in relationships, pick up a beautiful set of underwear and use new positions.


And yet the question of why your husband does not give that affection and intimacy has a very simple answer – he gives it to another girl. Since childhood, boys, who have played enough with an old toy, switch their attention to a new one. Years go by, they mature, but old habits remain the same. Sadly, these habits sometimes destroy families.

Decision:  here every woman must decide for herself on her own. No amount of underwear, role play, or compliments will fix the fact that he liked someone else. In any case, you should value yourself and your time, sometimes you need to let go of a relationship that has long outlived its usefulness.


You should start a conversation with your spouse in a calm and secluded environment. Men have a patient and balanced character, they do not tolerate scandals and quarrels, which is alien to them by nature. Conduct the dialogue in a friendly and calm tone, otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation.

If your half will refuse to talk and justify their coldness, then in no case demand to clarify the relationship at this very moment. Your best bet is to tell him that you would like to talk to him and find out when he is comfortable.

There is a clever way to increase trust and intimacy between you, psychologists recommend it. It is enough to massage your spouse’s feet twice a week, and the procedure should last at least 10-15 minutes. All this will greatly increase your husband’s trust in you.

If the previous advice does not help, then you can visit a psychologist. First, a woman must go through 1-2 sessions on her own, only after that her husband can be performed.

Thus, there are many reasons why a husband no longer wants sex, and to avoid a scandal, it is worth finding out which one is right for your family. In no case try to force him to go to bed with you, because this will not correct your problem at all.

Once a woman finds out the root cause, she can figure out what to do next to maintain her relationship.

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