Sex Parties: what is it and how to get to them?

Sex Parties: what is it and how to get to them?

Sex parties are events where people gather united by the desire to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of sensuality, show their sexuality, try new practices and experience new intimate sensations.

Someone comes here purposefully to have sex, and others just want to have a good time watching the show and enjoy the atmosphere of sexuality that reigns around.

There are many types of sex parties where the emphasis is on different details.

Kinky-party is a place for those who have strange sexual desires or preferences.

Swinger party – a party where couples change sexual partners with each other.

Costumed sex parties – You can attend such an event only in an outfit that matches the dress code.

BDSM parties are for those who like to submit or subdue. They always have a lot of attributes and their own special atmosphere.

Rookie Parties – the name speaks for itself. Such a party, most often, looks like a regular hangout, but guests can feel and behave more freely than in a regular nightclub.

Online parties. During the period of exacerbation of the pandemic, being in a large crowd of people is unsafe. Therefore, online meetings have become popular. Such parties have a lot of advantages: you do not have to go to the venue, the ticket is cheaper, and you feel more confident being in your own place.

Sex parties differ in the number of participants. There are chamber parties designed only for their own, and these are no more than 20-30 people. But there are also those where more than 100 people can be present at the same time.

The average age of those who came to take their souls fluctuates between 20-40 years, but do not be surprised if you notice people of much older age at the party.

Why sex parties are so attractive

Sex parties have become popular and ingrained in us for a number of reasons:

Entertainment. The organizers of these erotic holidays are trying very hard to make the sex party bright and impressive. Hosts, musicians, dancers, and masters of various practices are invited to perform. The interior corresponds to the stated theme and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Visitors care about everything – from specific lighting to tart smells.

Acquaintance. In a busy daily life, people are too busy with work and affairs. There is almost no time to look for romantic partners. A sex party is a great place to find a permanent sex partner or even a life partner. After all, you are already in a place where people with the same interests have come, which greatly simplifies the search for a soul mate.

sex parties are so attractive

Knowing yourself. Without trying something new, it is difficult to find out what exactly you like and what gives you the most pleasure. Participation in such parties gives you the opportunity to understand yourself and your passions.

Variety in sex. A monotonous intimate life can get boring, and attending a sex party provides a psychological and physical shake-up.

Realization of intimate fantasies. If a partner reacts with reluctance or apprehension to an offer to try something new in sex, you can find a person with similar desires at an intimate party.

Sex. Such a party is a great opportunity to have sex without commitment.

You should not go to sex parties if:

The initiator to going there is a partner with whom you have recently had problems in a relationship. Trying to fix them by visiting a sex hangout can only make things worse. You will feel uncomfortable and suspect your soulmate of treason and lack interest in you personally.

You are sexually closed. People with conservative views on sexual relations, succumbing to the persuasion of friends, do not feel comfortable in such places. They criticize everything that happens, and even if there is a desire to join the fun, they try to suppress it.

You can’t refuse. The main rule at sex parties is mutual consent and voluntariness. If you received an offer to have sex and didn’t refuse because you didn’t want to offend a person, then you risk getting unpleasant sensations instead of pleasure.

How to choose a sex party

There are a lot of different sex events being held now, and to find the right one, pay attention to the following points:

What type of event are you hoping to go to?

We have already listed the types of sex parties above. Read carefully and decide what you want to get from the event. Do you like to dress unusually or in a more restrained style? Are you ready for sophistication, or would you prefer classic sex to begin with? Where would you like to have sex – in front of everyone or in a private corner?

Answer these questions honestly to yourself so that only pleasant memories remain from experience.

choose a sex party


Most often, sex parties are searched through the Internet, scoring in the search “Sex party in the city No.participate.” The search engine also provides a wide range of alternatives. But it’s worth choosing wisely if it’s too easy to get to an event. This does not always guarantee safety and good organization. The most reliable option is to attend a party that someone you know has already attended. If you are the first in your circle, study in detail all the available information about the party. Contact the organizers, and this can be done through the website or messenger, and ask them all the questions without a bit of hesitation.

  • Who keeps order at the party?
  • Is the number of men and women controlled?
  • Can non-traditional couples come?
  • How are participants checked for adequacy?
  • Are photos or videos taken?

The more answers you get, the more comfortable you will feel at the party itself.

Guest List

If you have no experience yet, give preference to the organizers who ask you to leave applications for participation in advance, and the cost of an entrance ticket is at least three thousand rubles. A preliminary application is necessary so that the organizers have the opportunity to check each applicant. And the high cost justifies itself because worthy events are held either in elite clubs or country mansions.


If there are no acquaintances who could tell you about the upcoming sex party, find information about it on the Internet, for example, on a thematic forum or on social

networks. It is good if people who have visited it have shared their impressions.

What are the rules for sex parties?

Regardless of which type of sex party you choose, the rules for all participants are about the same:

  • Everything permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation is allowed;
  • Be polite when offering intimacy, as well as rejecting someone’s proposal;
  • Say a resounding “No” if the person offering sex is not interesting to you;
  • Don’t violate anyone’s private space without permission;
  • Remember the right to privacy, do not try to take a photo or video;
  • Dress according to the dress code.

Also, follow the unspoken rules:

Before attending a party, decide what is acceptable for you or not. Such parties have a strong energy that can captivate you, and you, having forgotten about your own prohibitions, succumb to the mood. Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the morning.

If you are going with a partner, discuss what you can and cannot do at the event. For example, you can kiss others, but you will only have sex with each other.

It is not recommended to contact guests having sex unless they have contacted you first.

Do not drink a lot of alcohol, as it can affect the quality of sex.

How to Prepare for a Sex Party

Avoid sexually transmitted infections.

Take care of your health and the health of other guests. Even if you do not feel any symptoms of the disease and are not yet sure whether you will have sex at a party, visit a doctor and take the necessary tests.

Find a partner

You can go on your own if the party rules allow, but newcomers will be more comfortable with a couple. Invite a friend, girlfriend, or regular sexual partner. Choose a companion you trust and feel comfortable with.

Find a partner

Take care of the outfit.

Choose a suit that matches the dress code announced by the organizers. You should feel sexy and comfortable in your outfit. So you will like yourself and others more.

Among other things, think about what might be useful specifically for you. The organizers make sure that there are enough condoms and lubricant at the party. But you can bring your own contraceptives and lubricants, as well as sex toys if allowed.

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