How to Use Nipple Clamps? What is the effect of nipple clamp?

How to Use Nipple Clamps? What is the effect of nipple clamp?

how to use nipple clamps

How to Use Nipple Clamps: Why do you need clamps for nipples and other delicate organs? What are the clamps? How to use the clamps for maximum pleasure.

Every couple dreams, secretly or openly, about the diversity of their sex life and new experiences. Everyone uses their own devices for this, so the range of sex toys in adult stores is becoming more diverse. Now we will talk about this type of toy as nipple clamps.

Why do you need clamps for nipples and other delicate organs?

Such toys are most often used by those who want to understand what non-standard sex is. This is a device for BDSM games, as well as for additional stimulation of another erogenous zone. Nipples, both female and male, have increased sensitivity, so the correct effect on them allows you to make an orgasm brighter and longer.

Jewelry and nipple stimulants can help spice up intimacy and give a woman a new sensation. Some women are capable of experiencing ecstasy from the harsh stimulation of this part of the body. This is due to the nipple receptors being connected to the clitoris. In this case, the lady can get an orgasm even without touching the genitals.

Another purpose of the clamps is to participate in submissive role-playing games. What the lord or madam said, it is imperative to do. Therefore, the subordinate side can wear such clips during the day, if the strong one wishes.

how to use nipple clamps

What are nipple clamps?

First of all, it should be noted that such devices are not only for nipples. Combined models are very popular. These can be options for nipple and clitoris clamps, as well as male clamps combined with a penis ring.

Also popular for games is the combination of clamps with a collar that controls the slave. There are options not with a collar, but with a gag in the mouth. In general, for every taste.

The main types of clamps are as follows:

  1. Clover.
  2. It is recommended to wear it for a short time since blood circulation is quickly impaired. But at the same time, the sensations from their use are the most complete.
  3. With additional features.
  4. If there is vibration, then emotions can be experienced immediately both from the clamp and from the exciting excitement that spreads throughout the body. Vibration nipple clamps are suitable for both men and women and help to diversify your sex.
  5. With chains.
  6. Models of this kind both look stylish and allow you to feel the unreal exciting chill of metal that will stimulate you at all points of contact with the body.
  7. With a magnet.
  8. An excellent model for those with large nipples. Stimulates gently, acts gently, easy to use.
  9. Adjustable.
  10. The models are suitable for girls who are trying such a device for the first time and are not very good at using it.

In addition, there are separate models of clips only for the clitoris or special sets of sex toys for BDSM entertainment, which include several clips at once.

How to use Nipple Clamps for maximum pleasure

Sex with nipple clamps can be very emotional, but for this, it is important to follow some rules:

  • Be sure to do foreplay first, which will lead to enough arousal. Only in this case, the device will deliver minimal discomfort and maximum pleasure.
  • To start. If you are going to put the clamp on someone, test it on your body, so it will be more convenient to control it later.
  • It is important – the less space the clamp holds, the less time it must be used.
  • Clamps on female nipples should not be worn on the tip, but deeper, so it will be the least painful and uncomfortable.
  • Be sure to observe the time and first try to wear the accessory for no more than 1 minute. Gradually increasing the time interval, bring it to 20 minutes.
  • You cannot wear the device for longer without a break!

These are the basic rules of use. But there is also a fantasy that will turn sex into a fun game. Depending on the model, you can swing the device from side to side, you can gradually change the impact, making it stronger and weaker, as well as simply pull them towards yourself and control the vibration from the remote control.

When using long clamps on the nipples, you can hang a weight, but for this, it is better to gain experience with such games first.

Reviews and useful tips for lovers of non-standard sex

If you are afraid to buy a device and do not know how to use it, use the advice of those who have long fallen in love with non-standard sex with all the consequences.

First of all, you need to know for sure that your partner or partner also agrees to this. Also, in any sex where there is submission and domination, a stop word must be invented. This is a guarantee of safety and the fact that sex games will please both parties.

Immediately after the given word is pronounced, the whole game is suspended, and uncomfortable devices are removed. The only way! 

The most important thing is to get aroused enough at the very beginning, this will help maximize the effect of what is happening.

Nipple clamps, judging by the reviews, opened up something new about their body to many men and women. Some did not even suspect that their nipples were such an erogenous zone.

There are a lot of reviews about the clips and jewelry themselves. For stylish ladies, a model decorated with feathers, rhinestones, and also stones is perfect, as a gift from a hot partner.

It is important to remember that sex using such devices should not bring too sharp pain and disappointment.

You, in any case, should have fun and your partner as well. Otherwise, you need to remove the device and check whether you are using it correctly, or loosen the adjustment is provided by the model.


A varied intimate life is a key to a strong couple. If you want to try something new, maybe even tough – go ahead, do not deny yourself the pleasure.

The nipples and breasts of both partners are an excellent erogenous zone that will surely respond to additional stimulation. You just need to choose the right accessory so that everyone would like it outwardly and have a sufficient impact on the intimate parts of lovers. Then even hard BDSM games will bring real pleasure and will be able to infuse new emotions into everyday sex.

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