How to use Masturbation Lubricant

How to use Masturbation Lubricant

How to use masturbation lubricant: Masturbation is a wonderful way to have a good time for many people. And a regular orgasm, obtained with self-satisfaction, has a positive effect on the psychological and physical health of a person. To make this process even better, be sure to use a lubricant. Why is it needed, and what are the ways to use it – read this article!

Why you need Masturbation Lubricant

The main task of the lubricant is to improve slip during intercourse or masturbation. It is also required to:

  • Compensate for the lack of natural moisture (especially during anal penetration);
  • Increase the duration of sex;
  • Add variety to intimacy (delicious lubricants for oral sex or lubricants with various effects – prolonging, cooling, relaxing, exciting).

What effect do lubricants have?

  • Moisturize and soften the skin (if the composition contains aloe vera extract, panthenol);
  • Help prevent chafing and damage to mucous surfaces;
  • Facilitate the introduction into the vagina (anus) of a penis or sex toys;
  • Used as an antibacterial agent – they can destroy part of the bacteria, but they do not completely protect against STDs. 

You can masturbate without lubrication. But without it, you risk getting irritation on the skin, and painful sensations appear from long and repetitive movements, which greatly reduces the pleasure of the process.

What are the types of lubricants?

Which type of lubricant to choose depends on your personal preference. There are three most popular options suitable for masturbation. Each has its pros and cons.

types of masturbation lubricants

Water-based lubricants. This is the most common and versatile type of lubricant. It can be used in any sex, feels good on the skin, is easy to rinse off, non-sticky, and leaves no residue. Compatible with any sex toys and latex condoms.

It is thinner in texture and spreads easily over the skin. The only negative is the fragility. Since aqueous lubricant evaporates quickly, it must be reapplied periodically to continue masturbation. In addition, it is better not to use it in the bathroom, as the product is washed off with plain water.

Silicone-based. This lubricant is suitable for those who like long-term sliding. This is due to the properties of the silicone included in the composition, a small amount is enough for masturbation, so it will last much longer. It’s great for anal sex, harder to rinse off with water, and works with any condom.

But such a lubricant should not be combined with silicone sex toys, as it destroys the material. It can leave marks on clothes, but they are easy to wash off. 

Oil-based. The lubricant is very pleasant and thick in consistency, easily distributed over the skin, providing a comfortable and smooth glide. Great for massage, it heats up quickly and keeps the temperature for a long time. But at the same time, it leaves greasy marks on bed linen and clothes, and it is the most difficult to wash off. Not compatible with almost all sex toy materials and latex condoms.

Be sure to pay attention to other components of the composition. Flavored, warming lubricants may contain ingredients (flavorings or botanicals, most commonly mint) that are irritating to sensitive individuals. If you are trying a new lubricant, do an allergy test first. To do this, apply a little on the crook of your elbow or wrist and wait 20-30 minutes. In the absence of irritation, lubricant can be applied. 

Five fun ways to add lube to your masturbation

Apply on different parts of the body

Most often, the lubricant is applied to the penis, clitoris (vulva), vagina, and anus, both outside and inside.

But do not forget about the possibility of using a lubricant on other parts of the body to enhance the sensations of masturbation. For example, there are special, stimulating nipple balms. They make this erogenous zone more sensitive and responsive to caresses.

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the crooks of your elbows, under your knees, or under your arms. These places are already very sensitive to stimulation, but imagine how the sensations will intensify when they become slippery from lubrication.

add lube to your masturbation

Explore different lubrication sensations

Variety helps make sex more interesting. Therefore, different types of lubricant are a great way to add something unusual to masturbation. Which lubricant do you prefer – water-based, oil, or silicone? Love unusual sensations? Then lubricants with a heating or cooling effect are for you. There are products with different flavoring and aromatic additives. 

You can enjoy vibration without using a sex toy with a liquid vibrator. If there is little time for masturbation, take an exciting lubricant. Do you want to enjoy the sensations you get more? Then lubricants with prolonging properties are for you.

If you are worried that you will not like the lubricant and do not want to buy a large tube, many manufacturers have testers. They are also convenient to take with you, for example, on a trip, if there is not enough space in your suitcase.

Add lube to sex toys.

This advice will seem banal, but a completely new experience with your favorite sex toy will be if you add a little lubricant to it. For example, vibrations can be felt much more intense if a lubricant is used.

Add lube to sex toys

Many or few

Have you ever wondered how much lube you use when masturbating? Do you generously pour the product into your palm or squeeze out a few drops? Either way, try something different.

If you are used to using little lubricant, then this time, add a lot of it! So fingers and toys continuously slide over the sensual area, and the pleasure is incredibly wet and hot!

Advice. For anal sex and masturbation, lubrication is always required more than usual. You need to apply it not only on the anus but also on the fingers, sex toys, and the outside of the condom.

Like to squeeze out a lot of lube at once? A small amount of it will make the game easier and more teasing.

Whatever amount of lube you use, be sure to put a towel under you. This will help protect bedding, sofa, carpet, etc., from grease marks.

To warm

Since the human body is likely warmer than the temperature in the bedroom where the bottle of lubricant is stored, the first sensations from the contact of the lubricant with the erogenous zone will be quite uncomfortable. To make the application process more enjoyable, pre-warm the lubricant by rubbing it between your fingers or between your palms.

A quality moisturizing lubricant helps make all kinds of sexual movements (masturbation, penetrative or oral sex) much more enjoyable.

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