How to use a Male Masturbator

How to use a Male Masturbator

How to Use a Male Masturbator: Much has been written about female pleasure and the secrets of female orgasm. There are countless sex toys for women. And what about men? For their sexual satisfaction, a wonderful device was created – a masturbator or otherwise – a masturbation sleeve. This is a great alternative for those who like to be self-satisfy.

How to use a Male Masturbator

The market for male sex toys is developing rapidly and male pleasure is no longer taken for granted. And although the word “masturbation” itself is made up of two Latin words: “manus” – hand and “turbinates” – “excite”, “disturb”, today men who want to please themselves can do without hands.

Why do you need a masturbator?

Using a masturbator, you can fully concentrate on your feelings, without being distracted by women’s needs and desires. You will be able to relieve sexual tension at any time of the day, spontaneously and with the necessary frequency.

Use a male masturbator and some couples. The use of such a sex toy for some is a remedy for cheating, for others it is an opportunity not to give up their favorite types of sex like oral or anal, even if the partner is against it, for others, it is a worthy end to a long love game, especially if the partner has problems with ejaculation.

First step: buying it right

Before you start using a masturbator, you need to choose and buy it correctly. Indeed, in men, completely different factors and preferences can influence the success of genital stimulation. Therefore, manufacturers offer various sex toys in this category, which differ from each other in design, size, and different textures.

The following types of masturbators are most in-demand among buyers in adult stores:

  • Fits in the hand. The most inexpensive and compact form of devices ranging in size from 12 to 35 centimeters. It is not for nothing that such masturbators are called “pocket pussies”, “flashlights”, etc. Such a toy can be easily taken with you on a business trip or travel; it does not require a lot of space to store and transport. Ideal for pair games.
  • The average size. Recreate a woman’s vagina, breasts, butt, or mouth. They weigh an average of 5-6 kilograms.
  • Mega masturbators. They can imitate various parts of a woman’s body, differ in realistic sizes, and can be equipped with several holes at once. While in use, they can be held in a canopy, but it is much more convenient to place them on a suitable horizontal surface. The design of such models is designed in such a way that they can withstand the significant weight. It is quite possible to lie down or sit on the toy.

However, in the case of buying a masturbator, what matters is not so much the size as what is inside it. By the sensation of penetration, masturbators can mimic a wide variety of parts of the female body. And this is beyond the power of even the most skillful hand! Lovers of blowjob, and fans of anal sex, and those who are aroused by female breasts will find “their” model.

Individual devices are equipped with the functions of vibration, rotation, heating, and even the ability to create a vacuum effect by adjusting the internal pressure. Premium masturbators are capable of supporting up to 11 different modes: at your request, they can be firm or gentle and neat. Some models have special pockets where you can put a vibrating “bullet” for additional stimulation.

On the inner surface of the sleeve, there may be pimples, antennae, projections, grooves. They are positioned in such a way as to give the user maximum enjoyment.

  • Vaginas. They are made of elastic materials that can stretch. Inside, they have embossed folds, protrusions, and special bends characteristic of the female vagina.
  • Mouths. A real gift for those who appreciate the pleasures of oral sex. They can either have a modest cylindrical shape or be made in the shape of ahead. Some devices can recreate the sucking effect.
  • Butt. The narrowest type of male masturbator, a hole diameter in which does not exceed 1-1.5 cm. When introducing a penis into such a toy, some effort should be made, which will be fully rewarded with the amazing sensations of realistic anal sex.

It must be remembered that in the magical world of masturbators for men, the appearance of toys may not be similar to that part of a woman’s body, the sensations from penetration into which he recreates. Recently, at the peak of popularity, there are models with a futuristic design, which is a “non-working” state are quite capable of decorating a bedroom as an original decorative element.

A bright novelty is the digital male masturbators with remote control. They are often paired with a vibrator for a woman. Such devices help lovers to overcome distances in the truest sense of the word. Even separated by hundreds and thousands of kilometers, partners can simultaneously caress and satisfy each other, choosing the appropriate mode on the device for their soulmate.

Some automatic masturbators can sync with programs such as FeelYourLover, FeelVideos, FeelVirtualReality, FeelWebcams, FeelGames. It is enough to connect them to a computer, and you can simultaneously enjoy erotic videos and pleasant progressive movements of the device.

Masturbators can be made of plastic, soft silicone, or cyber skin. When buying, it will be useful to clarify the following points:

  • hole diameter;
  • working length of the sleeve;
  • how easy it is to disassemble and clean the model you like;
  • the level of noise produced by the switched-on device.

The assortment of sex shops includes hundreds of models of excellent masturbators, the price of which is more than affordable. This allows each man to choose a model in exact accordance with their sexual preferences, budget, and life circumstances.

How to use a male masturbator: instructions

So, the masturbator is selected, purchased, and delivered. And here he is in front of you: inviting and seductive. Where do you start? When used correctly, the masturbator is capable of giving its wearer a multitude of bright and sweet orgasms. You just need to follow a few simple and easy-to-follow rules.

how to use a male masturbator


  • Upon receipt, carefully inspect the purchased product from the outside inside, read the instructions for care and storage.
  • Be sure to rinse the male masturbator before use. For this purpose, you can use ordinary warm water with soap or an antiseptic that contains minimization or chlorhexidine. However, it is much better to purchase a special cleaner for intimate toys at the same time as purchasing a masturbator. Thus, you will not only clean the surface with high quality but also ensure the safety and durability of the product.

When rinsing all parts, avoid getting moisture into the battery container, if available.

Important! To clean a sex toy, do not use alcohol-containing solutions, and do not pour boiling water over it.

  • If a situation has happened, and you have entrusted your masturbator into the wrong hands (and not only), then after returning the thing should also be treated with an antiseptic. However, it is still worth remembering that the masturbator is not a thing intended for “multiplayer” mode.
  • For maximum comfort and pleasure, the toy can be briefly placed in heated water before use. This advice applies to models without a heating function. Some modern devices, such as the Tenga 3D Polygon, are made from innovative elastomers with an antibacterial coating. This material heats up quickly from body heat and maintains a pleasant temperature throughout the entire process.
  • Before insertion, apply lubricant to the penis and also lubricate the inner surface of the device with it. From a safety and health point of view, it is best to choose a water-based lubricant. Such lubricants perfectly moisturize the skin and provide a smooth glide. But water tends to evaporate, so if the process takes a little longer, the lubricant will have to be renewed.

Silicone lubricants are somewhat more durable and economical, but you need a detergent to wash them off. In addition, there may be a problem of compatibility with the material from which your toy is made, and its surface may be damaged.

In some models, lubricants come with a masturbator. If not, then they should be taken care of in advance of their purchase.

Penis enlargement cream can help enhance pleasure, which increases the blood supply to the glans, creating a short-term swelling effect.

For lovers of long erotic games, a prolongation is perfect – a cream to slow down ejaculation and delay orgasm. The action of such drugs is based on reducing the sensitivity of the head, which is achieved by introducing menthol or painkillers into the composition.

  • Enjoy and have an orgasm! Use the male masturbator as directed: insert the penis and have fun with reciprocating and rotating movements. The pace of movement can be chosen absolutely any.
  • After the peak of pleasure is reached and ejaculation has occurred, do not be lazy to carry out “maintenance” of your “assistant”. Rinse the toy with warm water and dry thoroughly. Failure to comply with hygiene requirements can lead to the formation of unpleasant odors and other undesirable consequences.
  • It is better to store the masturbator in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight. A wardrobe, bedside table, or drawer on a sofa in your bedroom is perfect.


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