How to use a Flogger

How to use a Flogger

 How to use a Flogger: If you are interested in the idea of ​​diluting moments of bliss with a little pain, take care of purchasing the appropriate accessories.

Spanking and lashing for beginners

         If you want to increase the sensitivity of your partner’s skin, spank him on the chest with grit, this will ignite a flame of passion in him. If you are looking for an accessory to showcase your dominance, go for a stack or a traditional whip.

In this article, you will receive some tips on how to whip your partner when he is sexually aroused.


         Spanking is the process of spanking the buttocks with the palm with a characteristic dull sound. Despite the painful, whipping can be used as an addition to a very pleasant sensation and gives an impetus to achieve orgasm!     Spanking can be part of a role play, such as being a punishment in a BDSM scenario or even during sex to boost endorphin release.

 The best flogging option is palm flogging. Open it up well, connect your fingers and lightly hit the buttocks from top to bottom.

Once you get used to it, do a series of blows at intervals of 3 seconds. Try to grab both halves, aiming at the fleshy part and gradually increasing the force of the blow. Vary the pressure, frequency and location of impacts.

Agree with your partner about the safeword by which to stop spanking.

how to use a flogger

Remember the following rules:

  • Never hit anything other than the bulging parts of the buttocks.
  • Stop immediately after pronouncing a safeword.
  •  Take care of the skin after a whipping by applying a cooling moisturizer, such as aloe vera gel, or special products.


         A flogger is a multi-tailed lash that can be applied to any part of the body, but especially the back, hips and legs. The presence of several tails naturally causes pain, but one that, due to general arousal, is not perceived as acutely.

 Begin your flogging with a soft fabric flogger with wide tails and rounded ends. First, sweep the flogger over the entire surface of your partner’s body, allowing him to get used to the sensations. Next, move on to the figure-eight whip. Try to apply the flogger to different parts of your body. If over time the flogger seems too soft to you, switch to the classic whip.

Remember the following rules:

  • Use a safe word in case of unbearable pain.
  • Try to hit the flogger away from your partner’s face and eyes.

Use of Flogger to Lash

The lash is more intense than spunk. A dining table or chair is a good place to whip. The whip is not easy to use, and it will take you a lot of practice (and in an open area) before you go to a partner.

Remember the following rules:

  • Train well.
  •  Since lashes cause quite severe pain, it is necessary to unquestioningly obey the will of the partner who pronounces the safeword.

how to use a flogger

Use of Flogger to Stack

Oh, stack! What could be better? The stack has many purposes and is similar to a single-tailed whip. The pain from it is very strong and deep; after the blows, there are marks on the skin.

Reed accessories are specially designed and produce painful cotton that can be perceived as pleasure!

Take the stack in your main hand and hit your partner’s buttocks with the end. Start with clicks a few inches from the skin and strikes from the front. As your partner gets used to the stack, add strength to the punching.

Red streaks may form on the skin in fleshy areas.

Remember the following rules:

  • Do not use a stack with poorly processed edges.
  • Do not touch the end of the stack to the skin; it may be too painful
  • Constantly listen to your partner’s words: if he utters a Safeword, stop right away!

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