How to use a Blow up Sex Doll

How to use a Blow up Sex Doll

How to use blow-up sex dolls: One of the most common male sex toys is a sex doll, also known as a rubber or inflatable woman, which is designed to replace a sexual partner. You can use sex dolls to satisfy any sexual fantasies. the rubber “partner” with its structure imitates the human body and is equipped with holes for penetration in the area of ​​the vagina, anus, and mouth.

There are also sex dolls with a male version of the anatomical structure, equipped with a dildo in the genital area. Sexologists recommend using sex dolls to relieve insecurity in bed – a kind of rehearsal for sexual intercourse with a fully subservient partner. The modern sex industry allows people with a wide variety of needs to use sex dolls. You can choose an inflatable “partner” with a suitable color of skin, hair, eyes, puffy or slender, with pubic hair or without, with a sound device simulating moans, etc. On an individual order, dolls are made, the appearance and parameters of which the client determines himself.

how to use a blow up sex doll

The material for the manufacture of inflatable dolls is a safe, soft, and durable elastic material – most often polymer, latex, or silicone, which can withstand a load of up to 250-300 kg. Due to the elasticity, the intimate holes of sex dolls are suitable for members of any size. The skeleton of the product is made of flexible material, which allows you to use sex dolls in a wide variety of positions. Blow-up Sex dolls genitals are special inserts and are usually made of gel, silicone, or cyber silicone. The openings of sex dolls can also be equipped with a vibrating massager to stimulate the penis more efficiently during use. You can also use sex dolls with the separately included vibrating massager by inserting it into the desired hole and controlling it with external remote control. Some models are equipped with vacuum stimulators controlled by an external bulb. The functions and equipment of silicone “partners” depend on their model, which is best described by a sex shop consultant.

Instructions for the blow-up sex doll:

You can use a sex doll for a long time and comfortably if you follow certain operating rules. Before the first use, the product must be treated with an antiseptic and washed with warm water and soap. Avoid exposure to boiling water, which can damage the doll’s shell. It is also not recommended to treat the surface with alcohol solutions. Using a special pump, the product must be pumped up to an elastic state. However, do not inflate the doll to the limit, otherwise, the material may not withstand internal pressure, and your “partner” will burst like a balloon. The instructions for the blow-up sex doll, written on the packaging, usually contain information about the maximum weight of the impact on the product. These parameters must be respected. It is also best not to use the sex doll in positions that create too much pressure. When the rubber “girlfriend” is sufficiently inflated, you should turn to the holes intended for penetration. To avoid injury to the penis, these areas must be treated with a lubricant compatible with the sex doll’s coating. It is most hygienic and safe to use sex dolls with a condom, especially if you transfer the toy to another person. After use, it is necessary to wash the doll with warm water and soap, carefully removing the remaining lubricant. If the attachments that simulate intimate holes are removable, then it is better to store them separately. A sex doll usually comes with glue and a set of patches. This will allow you to independently repair cracks and other minor damage on the surface of the product. If the materials for repairing the doll are not included, then they can be purchased at the sex shop. Important instruction for a sex doll is the storage conditions for the product. It is necessary to store the sex toy in a deflated state, avoiding poses from which folds may appear. It is best to keep it hanging, for this some models are equipped with special holes for hooks. It will be more correct to store the doll without clothes to avoid coloring the covers of the product. Remember that using sex dolls should be delicate and careful, in compliance with all safety measures. Then your sexual fun with your favorite toy will be long and comfortable.

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