How to make Flogger step by step Guide

How to make Flogger step by step Guide

How to make flogger: Since this is not an order, but a simple MK, I decided to do it from a split, of which there is a sufficient amount after the doubling of the saddle.

How to make Flogger step by step Guide:

The split was 2 mm thick. To understand what piece is needed, I rolled it into a tube and looked at what thickness of the handle would be comfortable in the hand. Although in the open spaces there are devices that you can only hold in two hands)

So, the width is clear, it remains to decide on the size of the handle and the length of the tails. I stopped at the length of the handle of 22 cm and made the tails 30 cm. I see no reason to make the longer ones since the blow with the long tails will be more biting. Although, probably, for some, it will be more a plus than a minus.

Here is a piece of leather to get started. On the one hand, there is a bakhtarma, and on the other, a smooth cut after a splitting machine. It could have been polished with wax or coated with chemistry to make it look shinier or something, but I decided to do everything simply.

how to make flogger

We apply the markings based on the wishes for the width of the tails. I made the tails 5mm wide. it turned out 49 tails.

how to make flogger

And with a knife and a ruler, we cut into strips

how to make a flogger out of leather

Cut off two strips completely to make a loop for the hand and the first tail

I glued the loop for the hand and sewed it on several stitches for reliability.

how to make a fishing flogger

I also scratched the edge of the handle, so that there was no transition at the end of the skin.

how to make flogger at home

We apply glue to about 1/3 of the surface to be glued, since it is not always convenient to glue everything at once, it is easier to finish the glue later and tighten the handle without haste. The glue was applied not to the very edge of the product so that it would not be squeezed out when twisting, since the loop for the hand is already available to remove it from the back wall, which is still a brand. We also glue the second strip that was cut off at the very beginning, so that there is no void when twisting in the center.

We twist slowly, paying attention to the end of the product, the skin is quite thick and if you start twisting it not evenly, it will be quite difficult to stretch it.

After the first third has been rolled up, you can safely grease the entire remaining space with glue and roll up to the end. So that everything is even, after gluing, I wrap it with thread and roll it on the table with a wooden bar, so the handle becomes more round.

After drying, he took a piece of leather and, punching holes, tightened the handle. The mistake was that I took too thin and soft leather and when the thread was stretched, the stitches turned out to be crooked. 

how to make a flogger out of paracord


As a result, the Flogger turned out to be quite weighty and comfortable in the hand.

According to the shock characteristics))), we can say that 49 tails are quite sensitive when hitting, but there is no whipping.

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