How to make a Sex Swing

How to make a Sex Swing

How to make a Sex Swing : What is a sex swing. Description of the device. How to make sex rocked yourself. Required materials and tools. Safety precautions when using a sex swing made by yourself.

What is a sex swing?

This is a device that is designed for sex in flight and new sensations. Great for couples who want to diversify their personal lives, as well as for those who have restrictions on standard sex. These can be partners with a lot of weight, a big difference in height, and also after some types of injuries. For example, after a back injury, heavy loads are contraindicated, and the swing is successfully removed.

And in general, it becomes easier to deal with intimacy, you don’t need to spend so much effort. Those poses that were previously inaccessible due to complexity or severity are now quite acceptable. The structure can be fixed to the ceiling using hooks and suspended from doors or placed on a rack. The last option is the most reliable, but also more cumbersome. Its advantage is a quick installation and low price. In addition, the device on the rack has more reliable fasteners, since the structure itself is usually made of metal. Moreover, each time it is necessary to check its joints and stability.

And the constructions on the door or the ceiling can be easily removed into the closet, away from prying eyes.

Those who have already used this device have a different point of view on their account. How to make a swing at home for sex? Some women claim that when using a sex swing, it can be difficult to climb onto it. It seems so only from the outside. All this can be turned into an exciting game. At the same time, men are generally delighted with this device, and when a woman climbs on them, no preludes are needed, and this is a fascinating sight. Oral sex is also becoming more diverse and easier.

How to make a sex swing yourself

To make a quality sex swing with your own hands, follow the exact algorithm of actions, which prescribes everything points by point.

  1. First of all, you will need to make 4 seat belts. Two of them should be longer, two shorter. You also need to prepare 6 ropes, two of which are shorter in length. Also, prepare four chains.
  2. Four holes must be made in the ceiling.
  3. Place fastening anchors in them; the more secure they are, the safer the entire device will be.
  4. Sew the seat belts tightly to the backpack belts; this must be done crosswise.
  5. Make loops at the end of the straps, to which you later attach a carabiner. And to the carbine – chains. A synthetic rope is later attached to the chain.
  6. The free end of the rope must also be attached to the carabiner.
  7. From the shorter straps, you need to make loops that will be used for the legs. The loops should be sewn, taking into account that they will rest on their feet, and therefore the load will be quite large.
  8. The carabiners must be fixed to the ceiling with an anchor. Everything – you can use it.

At first glance, it turns out that making a love swing is not difficult. But this is only at first glance. The companies that make them can check these structures for optimal weight and balance them correctly.

Required materials and tools

To make a swing structure, you will need a small number of tools, as well as certain materials. First of all, you will need a punch for holes in the ceiling. A synthetic rope of sufficient length is also required. Carbines are required for the amount of 6 pieces. Ceiling anchors will need 4, several chains, nylon threads for sewing seat belts, and belts, preferably from Soviet backpacks used by tourists on long hikes.

Safety precautions when using a DIY sex swing

If you nevertheless decide to make a love swing yourself, at home, with the help of improvised tools, check if there are dangerous communications in the ceiling. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock while drilling the roof. It is also necessary to select the most durable materials and tools as possible.

Sewing the entire structure is also necessary with strong threads, preferably in several rows. It will be unpleasant if the structure breaks at the most unexpected moment. In this case, partners can be injured. If the load is miscalculated and the materials are selected, the partners may experience squeezing from the belts or rubbing the skin. To do this, you need to guess with the width of the straps so that they are not too narrow and also not wide.

In addition, you need to consider your weight. Most often, store models can withstand up to 150 kg, but whether a person can make a device himself that can withstand the pressure of two people is a question. Therefore, take a closer look at the store option, especially since there are quite suitable prices. When creating a device yourself, you may not provide a comfortable position for your partner. For example, if the head is in the wrong position, her neck will become numb. This is just one of the specific things about the love swing.

Output How to make a sex swing with your own hands can be found on the Internet. Simultaneously, the device for sex and love mustn’t turn into a weapon for inflicting injury.

So draw a detailed diagram first and then buy reliable material. After that, you can begin to diversify love relationships and have fun.

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