How to make a sex machine

How to make a sex machine

How to make a sex machine: Many people, after watching “strawberries”, where various kinds of sex machines are shown, dream of diversifying their intimate life with such devices. The Specialty stores, some are embarrassed to go, so try to make such devices at home.

It’s real to make a sex machine at home, but you need to know-how. Special craftsmen know how to make a sex machine from a jigsaw.

What is a sex machine? Description of the fixture

A love machine is a special device that, with the help of an electric motor and various attachments, stimulates all erogenous zones, and also sexually satisfies all the fantasies of its owner. It is used alone, as well as in couples and group entertainment. It can be used by those who want to try anal sex, but hesitate to offer it to a partner. There are many options, the main thing is to give free rein to the imagination.

The advantages of such an intimate mechanism over an ordinary lover are many. She does not get tired, does not drink, always works, and also does not require unnecessary attention. It consists of an electric motor and a long stem. A dildo of various lengths is put on the stock, depending on the desire. A homemade sex machine works in a similar way, which means that it can fully perform its functions.

 Depending on the model, they can be equipped with remote control, as well as a button directly on the product body. There are a lot of cars for love. They can be used for both standard sex and anal sex.

In addition, there are options for double penetration. The designs of such interesting devices can be stationary, as well as floor-standing or portable. There are very compact options that can be carried in a small purse.

 The main issue when purchasing such a device is usually the issue of storage and secrecy. Many do not want to put their active sex life on display, and therefore large designs are not suitable for them.

 Outwardly, sex machines can resemble sophisticated engineering gadgets, as well as look like simple toolboxes. When visiting an adult store, both real and virtual, you can find an option to your taste and wallet.


How to make a sex machine


How to make a sex machine yourself

For those who do not know how to make a sex machine with their own hands, it should be clarified that it is very important to calculate everything correctly. How to make a sex machine at home so that it doesn’t hurt anyone? If the homemade structure is not strong and reliable enough, it can break at the most important and interesting moment. In addition, you should take care of a powerful motor and good insulation.

If you do not have the knowledge of an electrician, then it is better to buy a sex machine, otherwise, you can build an electric chair. You need to know how to make an adapter for a sex machine with your own hands, and this is no longer just to hammer in a nail, it can shock you here.

There are several options for DIY construction. There are a lot of drawings of a sex machine or diagrams with detailed descriptions. It all depends on the desire of the owner himself. One of the options for an inexpensive home device is done this way:

  1. Take a wiper system from a simple Lada. It is necessary to bend it and cut off the unnecessary part.
  2. Attach the system with bolts to the machine, which is assembled from wooden planks.
  3. A polypropylene pipe is attached to the wiper system, which is installed on a bar at the outlet.
  4. The power supply for the machine can be taken from an ordinary laptop. This is quite in the style of a sex machine from available tools.
  5. 5. A dildo is attached to the other end of the pipe. The sex machine at home is ready.

 Another option is generally made from scrap materials. You will need a battery, a motor for the wipers, and a pipe clamp that attaches to the stem. The stem is made from furniture rails.

In the end, a pin is attached to which a dildo of any size is attached. A self-made sex machine in the video can be found on the Internet. There, craftsmen describe the whole process in detail.

How to make a sex machine


Required materials and tools

In order to make your own super love machine, you need a small number of tools and simple material:

  1. Wiper system from Zhiguli model 6, complete.
  2. Polypropylene pipe and two rings.
  3. Board 37.5×15 cm and a bar.
  4. Power Supply.
  5. Nails, screws, bolts, and also a dimmer.

The dimmer in such a machine should be located before the power supply. You will also need a screwdriver, a grinder, and improvised tools for mounting this structure. The device can be designed to move from top to bottom or front to back, depending on the mounting options.

The speed can be changed, as well as the depth. In the initial version, the penetration length is about 8 cm. The laptop battery is sufficient for normal operation.

A sex machine can be made from a drill, for this, a good phallus is enough, as well as a normal power drill. The same goes for a jigsaw sex machine and a screwdriver sex-machine. You will need tools that are in any home. In addition, one should take into account the specificity of the movements that the screwdriver guarantees. The frequency can be adjusted using an adapter, which is responsible for changing speeds. 

How to make a sex machine


Safety precautions when using DIY sex machines

It is important to understand that creating a sex machine is not just a fun activity to surprise your spouse or yourself.

This is a device that runs on mains or battery power. This is an electrical mechanism, which means it can be dangerous. If you are not confident in your abilities, you better go to a special store and choose a professional device.

The most important safety requirement is knowing exactly how much weight a structure can support if it is made for overhead landing or for pair use. You can make a Monkey sex machine at home, but it must withstand not just the woman’s weight, but the dynamics of her movements.

During the installation of the structure, there should be no sharp ends, cutting and scratching parts, as well as any protruding parts about which users may be injured. Separately, it should be said about insulation and moisture.

An electric intimate love machine, like any electrical device, should not be exposed to moisture. It is also necessary to calculate the engine power of your device so that it does not burn out at high speed. Otherwise, a self-made sex machine will not last long.


You can make a device with an electric motor for intimate life yourself, or you can buy it in a specialized store. Most people still prefer to go to the store because it is safer and more reliable.

 At the same time, if there is a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills, as well as extra tools, then as a surprise you can try. True, it is better not to make drawings and diagrams out of your head, but to turn to the worldwide network. But the nozzle itself, in any case, will have to be bought in an intimate salon because there you can choose the size, lubricant, and condoms for convenience.

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