How to make a sex machine “Monkey” with your own hands

How to make a sex machine “Monkey” with your own hands

What is a “Monkey” sex machine? General description and manufacturers.

The pros and cons of the Monkey sex-machine. Review of positions for having sex with the Monkey sex-machine. Caring for the product.

From a large number of sex machines of various kinds, visitors to special stores run up their eyes. It is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of love device to make the right choice. For example, the device “Monkey” has a large number of pluses and fans. Let’s figure out what kind of miracle of technology it is, as well as how difficult it is to care for it.

How to make a sex machine "Monkey"

What is a “Monkey” sex machine? General description and manufacturers.

The main features of the car called the Monkey are convenience and comfort. It is very simple, because, having a drawing of such a love machine, you can make a Monkey sex machine with your own hands. It is easy to operate and, most importantly, when using it, you can control the speed, depth, and rigidity of frictions.

The device is intended for vaginal and anal sex. The essence of use is in simple body movements that are made in a convenient direction and at a convenient speed. In most cases, such machines operate without a power supply, since the entire cycle depends on body movements. The design uses a ball bearing system.

 The sex machine “Monkey” has several modifications, but it is always very compact and safe to use. In addition, it is easy to transport and easy to install, while being lightweight. The weight of the device is usually no more than 23 kg including packaging.

  1. There are several of the most popular Monkey models that are very popular with consumers and are available in most adult stores:
  2. LoveMachines. A Russian manufacturer that is very popular and has great advantages. The set includes several dildos, the weight of the structure can support up to 120 kg. Very quiet and small design that weighs 12.5 kg. The same company presents the Electro Monkey model.
  3. Love Rider. Another version of the analog of the Monkey. The device has a dildo up to 20 cm long, as well as additional attachments, including an anal one. Works without the use of electricity. The device weighs 13 kg. Withstands weight up to 136 kg. Manufacturer – China.
  4. Sex machine Monkey from a Ukrainian manufacturer. Works in vibration mode, from batteries. Vibration modes can be adjusted. Such a device costs about $ 235. Delivery is carried out in many CIS countries, as well as in Russia.
  5. Sex Machine Mankeyroker . A great option for anal sex. There are drawings according to which this machine can be easily built by yourself, although you will need a large number of bearings. Sex machine Wild monkey in the form of a drawing can be easily found on the Internet and make a similar model of a house without high costs.


When choosing, you need to pay attention to the size of the model, as well as your weight. If a person weighs a lot, then the car must be bought taking into account his real weight, and not if he suddenly loses weight.

How to make a sex machine "Monkey" with your own hands

Pros and cons of the Monkey sex machine

The Monkey apparatus has a number of advantages.

  • First of all, it does not need electricity, in addition, the device is silent, which means it will not raise unnecessary questions. 
  • The most important advantage is complete control over the process. Only you can adjust the depth and frequency of the frictions. This is important if you suddenly have a desire to try anal sex. At any time, when it becomes painful or uncomfortable, you can simply pull the phallus out of the hole. 
  • The advantage of the Monkey is that it can be used by both men and women. This is a unisex device that is able to please the most discerning customer.

The disadvantages of the device include insufficient speed compared to electric machines, as well as the impossibility of simultaneous double penetration.

How to make a sex machine "Monkey"

Review of positions for having sex with the “Monkey” sex machine

This unit can be used both alone and in a variety of sexual life with a partner. If you use the device alone, then there are few poses. First of all, you can straddle the device. If the legs are kept straight, there will be one depth of penetration, but if they are bent and sit on their knees, then the angle of penetration will change. You can sit in front of the handle or backward, and all sensations are controlled by body movements.

When using a design for anal sex, it is imperative to use a special lubricant so that injury does not occur.

When using the device in pairs, oral sex during stimulation with an artificial member of the vagina is an excellent option for sex. In this case, the woman sits on the apparatus, the man is in front, and the woman can calmly give him oral pleasure.

At this time, a man can direct the process himself with a pen. There are a lot of videos with the use of the Monkey sex-machine. If you don’t have enough imagination, you can connect with an outsider.

You can switch roles. In this case, the man will sit on the apparatus for anal stimulation, and he will orally caress the woman, in addition, his hands remain free. A man can caress a woman with his hands in the area of ​​the clitoris, vagina, and chest. When you change the angle of inclination of the artificial attachment, you can lie on the machine, both on your back and on your stomach.

Try to put your car in front of the mirror and enjoy the spectacle of beautiful sex. All this can be filmed. The main thing is that it does not get on the Internet later. The device can be used both for individual family use and for violent sexual parties in order to entertain a girl who will orally caress one or two men.

How to make a sex machine "Monkey"

Care of the product

Like any device for love, the Monkey device requires some maintenance. Due to the simple material of the machine itself, maintenance is quite simple. You just need to wipe it. The main attention should be paid directly to the nozzles. To make the device hygienic in use, it is tedious to wash the attachments regularly with warm water and baby soap. Can be treated with a disinfectant.

At the same time, when using, it is necessary to put a condom on the artificial dildo. This will keep the attachment cleaner and last longer. If you intend to engage in anal sex, then before starting the process, you need to do an enema to empty the intestines.

When the apparatus is intended to operate on batteries, it is necessary to change them regularly and to monitor the performance of the machine.

If the Monkey sex machine is made according to the scheme with improvised tools, then the materials must be selected so that they are safe and easy to clean.


Sexual life and sexual culture are developing more and more. Therefore, for new sensations, you can use all kinds of devices. Each of them is adapted for specific activities, both in pairs and individually.

For those who love convenience and comfort, the Sec car “Monkey” is perfect, which, with the help of a drawing, you can make yourself at home.

It is easy to take care of such a structure, it will bring a lot of pleasure, but it is inexpensive and is transported comfortably. Does not require electricity and can be stored in any corner of the house in a box.

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