How to make a Fake Vagina with your own Hands at Home?

How to make a Fake Vagina with your own Hands at Home?

How to Make a Fake Vagina from a can of chips.

how to make a fake vagina

We make a fake vagina rigid, that is, having a solid shape, a frame. We will need an oblong-shaped pot of chips, a condom, something round that we can put on the bottom of the condom, such as a ring and foam rubber. We also need a lubricant to use. Well, either oil or shampoo.

how to make a fake vagina


  • First of all, we take the foam rubber and cut off the required length. The total length of the future vagina will depend on this length. You can simply unfold the condom completely and measure the required amount of foam rubber on it.

  • We take the ring and stick it to the bottom of the condom. It will prevent the condom from popping out of the foam during use. Remember to make a small hole in the tip of the condom to allow air to escape.

how to make a fake vagina at home

how to make an artificial vagina

  • Next, you need to tightly wrap the condom with the foam rubber ring. The edge with the ring should remain outside the foam rubber on one side, and the second edge of the condom should stick out from the foam rubber by 1 cm – we will pull this edge of the condom over the edges of the can.
  • Place the resulting structure in a pot of chips. At the bottom of the can, we first put a little foam rubber. The amount of foam rubber will have to be adjusted to make the structure tight. The edges of the condom that we left are pulled over the edges of the can. Ready!

how to make a fake vagina guide step by step

How to make artificial vagina guide

  • In addition, on the foam rubber itself, you can draw lips with a marker. It is better to keep such a jar closed so that it looks like a regular pot of chips. The condom will have to be changed every time – of course.

This is one way to make an artificial vagina at home. Quite laborious, but such a craft can be easily disguised.

A simpler option is a frameless home fake vagina:

To make such a simple artificial vagina at home, we need:

  • Foam rubber, approximately 20x20x2cm. Rubber bands (the usual ones used to fasten wads of money). Condom. And only 3 minutes of free time.


  • We put the condom on a piece of foam rubber and cut the foam rubber to the length of the condom. The edges of the condom should extend slightly beyond the edges of the foam.
  • We wrap the condom in foam rubber so that the condom sticks out slightly from the edges of the foam rubber on both sides.
  • We pull the edges of the condom over the foam rubber and fasten the foam rubber with rubber bands along the entire length so that it keeps its shape. It is better to attach the end of the condom on the second side to the elastic band so that it does not fall off during use.

What should be the result? Cylinder made of foam rubber, tightened with elastic bands, inside it is a condom along its entire length. Also, do not forget to use a lubricant from the sex shop, or soap, shampoo, oil, etc.

Homemade artificial vagina made of starch.

If you are already a real guru in the manufacture of artificial vaginas, and you are looking for an original way to make a rubber vagina – that is, an interesting option, and it is not rubber at all, but starch. So what do we need?

  • 100g starch.
  • High cylindrical capacity, which will be a “mold” for the future product. A glass or glass of the correct size may work.
  • An oblong object, slightly smaller in size (diameter) than your penis. For example, a rolling pin or a stick.

So, this is the essence of the method:

To make a vagina masturbator from starch, put 100 grams of this starch in a container. Then add 100 ml of water, mix thoroughly, then add another 100 ml of water, and mix again.

Then, the resulting liquid must be put in the microwave for one minute. Then, we take the glass out of the microwave, wait until the mass hardens, and make a small hole in the middle.

We put it in the microwave for another 30 seconds. After that, we need to insert into the glass in the middle of the mass our oblong object, slightly less than your penis, about 3/4 depth, and in this form cool the mass in the refrigerator for the next 40 minutes.

After that, we can remove the oblong object from the resulting artificial vagina from starch – and get it out of the glass itself. Do not worry, it will not be like ice at all, but like soft jelly, and for such a product to “melt” it will have to be heated up to 58 degrees!


Perhaps this method of making a fake vagina from scrap materials is one of the most interesting and effective. Although, of course, it is far from the easiest one.

How to make an artificial vagina from a glove?

And how to make an artificial vagina from sponges? The fact is that to prepare an artificial vagina of this type, we need gloves and sponges. As well as a plastic glass. The method is quite simple.

So, to make such a vagina a masturbator with our own hands, we take a medical rubber glove, put it neatly in the middle, between two ordinary dishwashing sponges. Of course, the soft side inward. Then, we put the resulting structure into a plastic glass and pull the edges of the glove over the edges of the glass. (see photo below)

how to make a artificial vagina at Home from a can of chips

How to make a fake vagina yourself? It turns out to be very simple. An artificial vagina from a glove is one of the easiest and fastest methods. Faster and easier only an artificial vagina made of sponges.

So, we hope that this article will fully answer the question: “How to make an art vagina yourself? Of course, how to make a realistic vagina, truly realistic – you will only be prompted at a factory in China, where replicas of female genital organs are produced. And for home use, such simple methods are also suitable.

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