How to Last Longer in Sex Naturally: Tips for Men and Women

How to Last Longer in Sex Naturally: Tips for Men and Women

How to Last Longer in Sex Naturally: I want to love you all night long.” Oh, how nice and exciting to hear this from a loved one. But in dreams, long sex can be more interesting than it turns out to be in practice. Men often overemphasize the ability to last as long as possible, as if sexual intercourse is a competition. 

Hours of sex don’t always equal good sex. And even if you dream of endless pleasure in your heart, your body may think otherwise. Several ways will help you and your partner to have sex for a long time and simultaneously get unforgettable pleasure.


 It seems strange, but conscious and varied solo play helps to stay in bed with a partner longer. And this method is suitable for both men and women. 

You will know which touches bring you to the edge of orgasm, help you “balance” on edge, or fall into waves of pleasure. Don’t be shy – tell your loved one about it! 

Adding masturbation to intimacy with a partner is a great idea! You can arrange mutual masturbation – do it in turn or simultaneously. A man can relieve stress with the help of self-satisfaction a few hours before meeting with a partner; thus, in bed, he will last longer than usual. 

Change scenario 

In most cases, the intimate script that books, movies, and even porn impose follows a specific pattern. Kissing, stroking, stripping each other, more touching, oral sex, intercourse to orgasm on both sides, the end. And penetration is usually presented as the “main event” – the part that has to go on and on… Boring. What if you do otherwise? 

Pause from penetration and return, for example, to oral sex or kissing. Or you can go to the kitchen and have a bite (of course, by mutual agreement with your partner). Engage in mutual masturbation or pick up an exciting sex toy, or say a few vulgar compliments in your partner’s ear.

Getting in and out of intercourse is a great way to learn how to stay in bed longer and have a unique experience for you and your partner. 

How to Last Longer in Sex for a Man 

Most often, the representatives of the more vigorous sex during intercourse worry about premature ejaculation or sudden loss of erection. Several techniques help build endurance and relieve tension even before intimacy begins.

How to Last Longer in Sex for a Man

A Little Help:

 Worldwide, the average ejaculation time is approximately 5.5 minutes. You should not focus on actors from porn films, as they have a long experience and a lot of support through various means. The desire to repeat their results is as natural as running in the morning three times a week and dreaming of surpassing the Olympic champion in running. So take it easy.


The phrase: “I’m a little worried about not finishing too soon” does not sound very erotic, but it is true. When you speak your fear out loud, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. Just tell your partner that you need help to last longer. 

Kegel exercises:

They are usually recommended for women to keep their pelvic floor muscles toned, but they are also great for men. Regular performance will help keep orgasms under control and improve sensations and men’s health. 


If you’re worried that you might “finish” too quickly but still want to have sex all night, try masturbating a few hours before intimacy starts. This will help relieve excess stress.

Use the Edging Method:

The meaning of this technique is to get as close as possible to the moment, followed by orgasm and stop. Give yourself a few seconds to rest, and then repeat the first step and so on several times. Fans of this practice say that it leads to unforgettable orgasms. It also helps you get to know exactly how your body works and what it needs for pleasure. Both you and your partner will benefit. 

How can you make sexual intercourse longer? 

How can you make sexual intercourse longer

  •  Choose another method of stimulation. The best positions for longer sex will be those where there is as little friction and movement as possible. For example, sit face to face, penetrate from behind when the partner is lying on his stomach, or “spoons.” You can try to change the angle of penetration so that it is smaller and thus stimulate the woman’s G-spot at the same time. 
  • Use condoms. There are many options for products that help to last longer, for example, with thick walls or with an anesthetic. 
  • Extending lubricants are suitable for men who come to the finish line too quickly. The special composition reduces the sensitivity of the penis, so the time of intimacy increases. Be sure to wear a condom after applying an anesthetic lubricant to prevent your partner from becoming desensitized. 
  • Contact a doctor. Sometimes erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can signal mental or physical health issues. Therefore, the best solution is to seek help from a specialist.  

How to last longer in sex for Women

Women are more worried that during prolonged sexual intercourse, they experience pain, fatigue, and even boredom. Yes, the vagina is adapted to long friction, but at the same time, everything has its limits. Therefore, if you feel discomfort, it would be better to stop. What can be done so that long sex ends with a firework of pleasure and does not become a disappointment? 

Communication. You can’t do without it, and it is an important component of any sex. Ask yourself the question – do you want your partner to move inside you almost non-stop for long hours? The answer is likely to be negative. So tell your loved one about it. He will be greatly relieved to hear such words. 

Do not forget to also share your own feelings and talk about them. “I need some more lube,” “I want to watch you masturbate.” Or even: “I’m a little tired – let’s take a break?”.

How to last longer in sex for Women

Understand what turns you on. When you are really aroused, blood rushes to your genitals more, lubrication is produced, nerve endings are activated, and all together leads to a powerful orgasm. 

If there is no or little excitement, sex becomes annoying. So what turns you on? Do you need continuous stimulation of one kind for a long time or a combination of several options? Can you easily experience multiple orgasms, or is one enough? Perhaps additional caresses of the editors are needed during penetration? The more you know about yourself, the more you can tell your partner, and it will be better for everyone. 

Use a Lubricant. Lubrication is never superfluous, even if your body produces its own in sufficient quantities. It will be very unpleasant if, at the most inopportune moment, natural moisture is not enough. The use of a lubricant helps not only to improve sensations but also facilitates penetration, makes the movement of the penis inside smoother, and also protects against tearing and chafing if you decide to have long sex. 


If during a long sex session, you have pain in the abdomen or genital area – do not tolerate it, immediately stop sexual intercourse. If the pain does not go away, then you need to seek help from a doctor.

Remember that your sex is your rule. Only the two of you decide what your sexual journey will be and how long it will last. So, if you need a break during long intercourse: rest, take a nap, have a snack, talk, give each other a massage, or anything else – take it!


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