Kissing is the most intimate and intimate action that takes place between two people who have warm feelings for each other. The first kiss is especially memorable, but most often it happens clumsily and ridiculously. Over the years, we gain experience and improve ourselves in this matter, but it will never be superfluous to read useful literature on kissing techniques. In this article, we will tell you how to kiss passionately. If you have never kissed before, then we will tell you how to kiss correctly the first time.


Before you learn to kiss passionately, you must first understand what a kiss is.


To achieve maximum intimacy with a person and allow your partner to plunge into the dizzying emotions of the touch of your lips, you need to learn more about kissing techniques. And if you don’t yet have a partner for kissing and sex, then you can easily find a couple.

How to kiss passionately? Special differences from a regular kiss:

  1. Full penetration of the tongue into the oral cavity of your partner;
  2. Frequent retraction of the lips, their compression;
  3. Lip sucking and tongue retraction;
  4. Wide enough mouth opening when compared with other types of kissing;
  5. Sounds during the action in the form of groans, etc .;
  6. Dynamic, spontaneous movements.

Couples who kiss passionately are more likely to have a long love story.

The technique of such a kiss consists in the manifestation of ardor, temperament, and sometimes even aggressiveness. This action is promptly arousing and shows that the partner is ready to continue the love fusion.

Stereotypical thinking tells us that this kind of kiss requires the obligatory use of the tongue, but in fact, it will be less dangerous if you do not suck in your partner’s tongue. Yes, dynamic suction can be introduced with the teeth, which negatively affects the condition of the tongue and lips themselves. If this happens to you at the first kiss, it can lead to some abstinence from such love pleasures, and even to psychological trauma.

If you do not know how to kiss hard with the tongue relative to the period, then you should listen to your instincts and act as long as it brings you moral and physical satisfaction. A long, passionate kiss can only increase sexual arousal between partners, and a short kiss, on the contrary, will reduce satisfaction.

But, if you often excite each other in this way, and do not move on to the next stage of a love relationship, then soon you will get tired of this business, which will also not bring proper satisfaction.


Is it possible to kiss passionately if you do not want to continue in the form of sexual contact? The answer to this question will be twofold because all people are different and each of them pursues a different goal. One thing is for sure – if you want sexual intercourse, you should start with suction. Responding will let you know that your partner also wants to continue this sex play. Emotions are all that we have to reveal our potential, to show the sensuality of our bodies. Only the emotional state of a person at this moment can convey to another the fact that you are ready for an open merging of two bodies. If you understand that in this matter you are more ardent and passionate, and your partner does not show enough emotions, then your action may seem vulgar and unacceptable to him.

Let’s note a few points, as a result of which you can resort to passionate kisses:

  1. After heart-to-heart talks;
  2. After declarations of love or sympathy, etc .;
  3. Some people, under their temperament, begin to kiss actively after vivid quarrels, outbursts of anger, etc.;
  4. Routine kissing can also lead to a passionate fusion of the lips;
  5. After watching sensual films together;
  6. After reading sex novels, articles, viewing erotic magazines, etc.

This is what we have listed as the most spontaneous options that contribute to dynamic passionate kissing. You can prepare for such an activity in advance – create a relaxed romantic atmosphere, which by its very appearance will hint at sexual contact, which will begin with kissing.

Psychologists have identified several types of people for whom the “passionate” technique is not suitable:

  • Don’t be too passionate with sensitive people;
  • If you met only recently, you can scare your boyfriend/girlfriend with this;
  • Pedants, neat and fastidious people do not like this technique;
  • Those who have never kissed before;
  • Shy people who dream of the highest form of love and stuff like that require special attention.

This category also includes people who do not want to continue kissing so that it all leads to sex.


And the most suitable persons are gambling, dynamic, emotional people who like to bring constantly new bright emotions into their lives and are not afraid to open up. This technique is especially suitable for those who have been dating for a long time and do not mind having fun in any way.

How to kiss a guy passionately if the place and situation are right? Let’s highlight a few points:

  1. Decide on the position and distance that will be between you. At this point, we will highlight the most important thing – you should not be motionless. Act based on your own emotions and feelings, listen to your partner, who will move your body to the beat of your kiss. Your hands should always be on your partner’s body. You should emotionally stroke the most prominent parts of the body. Sometimes your lips have to go to the neck, shoulders, and collarbone, but then quickly return to the lips of your partner. Try to be more gentle and touch closer and closer. All your movements do not have to be thought out in advance, do everything improvising. Only improvisation can help you achieve maximum pleasure and hormone release. As for the distance, you shouldn’t have it. Many people get dizzy from a long kiss. therefore, it is better to carry it out near the bed or leaning against the wall. Thus, there should be no distance between you, the position can be any, but always mobile and changing, passion and ardor should be seen in the movements.
  2. Decide where you start. We discussed earlier what can help initiate a passionate kiss. We want to clarify that tenderness can be a hindrance to a bright fusion of lips. The “passionate” technique contributes to the manifestation of unexpected ardent emotions, but sometimes it is difficult to wait for impulsiveness from a partner, so you have to come up with something. A few tips: start with regular kissing, which should smoothly transition into stroking and touching; you must rapidly gain momentum, and the distance between your bodies must rapidly decrease; Before sucking, start biting your partner’s lips and tongue, and when you feel relaxed, open your mouth wider and allow your partner to stick his tongue into your mouth.
  3. Safety comes first. We have said earlier that using the suction technique can damage the tongue and lips, so you should be more careful when spontaneous arousal. Most of the time, excitement mutes the pain, but then the scratched lips and bitten tongue will remind you of your pleasant pastime.

Let’s select a table in which we describe how you can avoid some of the problems with the “sucking” technique.

How to kiss passionately for the first time

The problem that might be How to avoid this problem

  1. Tooth on tooth Tries not to expose your teeth and open your mouth wider.
  2. Bruising from suction Try not to leave suction on delicate areas of the skin such as neck, shoulders, collarbone, lips, etc. Do not chew your lips, do not press hard with your teeth when biting.
  3. Tight hug Do not squeeze the human body in the chest area, do not strain the biceps and triceps, but more actively work with your hands and palms. Be careful if you want to use strangulation for more intense emotions.
  4. Loss of balance It is more advisable to start kissing in an upright position so as not to fall from loss of balance. Don’t lean heavily on your partner, especially if you weigh more than him.
  5. Other common problems Do not scratch your nails, especially girls with long nails. Do not pull on your hair, do not try to pull it out.
  1. Be dynamic at the points of impact. As in any business, kissing all the time can be annoying, so you should change the movement, then decrease, then increase the pressure point. In addition to the lips, you can kiss the neck, any part of the face, shoulders, collarbones, and in general the whole body, if your partner does not mind. You can change kissing techniques – from the usual “smack” to the French style, and then passionate. Hands can stimulate erogenous zones, and change body positions from standing to lying down. Always experiment and watch your partner’s emotions.
  2. Listening to a kissing partner is the most important rule that must be observed with any contact. Listening only to your body and your desires can harm your partner, both emotionally and physically. A few signs that your partner does not want to continue kissing your way: The person is taking a defensive stance and wants to get out of your embrace; he does not have enough air, and he tries to move away from you; begins to speak on a detached topic; the partner smiles, laughs and is not in the mood to continue the amorous pleasures.

Signs that you are doing the right thing: The response is more passionate and dynamic. pressing to the body is rapid and obvious; your partner follows your movements; your partner’s breathing quickens, he may start moaning or make other languid sounds; heart rate increases; your partner begins to take off your clothes and touch your genitals.


A passionate kiss will give you unforgettable emotions only if you do not have any awkwardness or any embarrassment. Therefore, special closeness and maximum feelings always arise in those people who have known each other for a long time. The success of any technique depends on the setting, the partner’s morale, comfort, etc. It is unlikely that you will enjoy a kiss that will be performed in a public place.

If you know your partner well, then you can already understand him from a half-glance, and this is enough to achieve maximum satisfaction. The “passionate” technique is not suitable for everyone, but for those who love it, it can give unrealistic emotions in just a few seconds.

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