How to have sex in a car

How to have sex in a car

The sex craving can arise anywhere. And if there is no room left for experiments in the apartment, this is an occasion to switch attention to something else, for example, your car. This may not be the most convenient, but an exciting way to add variety to intimacy.

Benefits of car sex

First, the freedom to choose a location. It’s a car, which means you can go wherever you want. Empty beach at sunset, forest, or night parking. You decide how romantic or risky you want to be. Any place can become a “love nest” if it is sufficiently protected from prying eyes.

Secondly, thanks to the small interior space, you will be closer than ever to your partner. And you have many support options – doors, windows, seats so you can try many different poses. But more on that a little further.

Amy Boyajian, director of American sex shop Wild Flower, says car sex is timeless. It’s fun for new couples and the perfect mix of excitement, excitement, and security to keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship.

Valuable tips for sex in the car

Talk to a partner. As with any sexual experience, discussing the topic with your loved one first is essential. Does he like this idea? Does he agree to do it?

Choose comfortable clothes. Taking off your jeans in the car, trying not to hit something with your elbow or head, is still a “pleasure.” Therefore, women should wear a skirt or dress, and for a man, trousers or shorts that are not very restrictive, which will be easy to lower.

Choose comfortable clothes

Make sure you always have the following:

  • Condoms – help protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. In addition, by having sex in a condom, you will keep the salon clean.
  • Lubrication will facilitate penetration, increase arousal, and make sensations brighter.
  • Wet or dry wipes will help you clean up after sex.

Think about comfort. When having sex in a car, put a blanket on the seat (or hood) – it will protect the skin from irritation and eliminate the need to clean the interior. A small pillow can be placed under the back or head to make it more comfortable.

Create a playlist for car sex. Romantic melodies will create a certain mood, and loud music will muffle the sounds of passion: so you will not be heard by random passers-by.

If the car has a sunroof, be sure to use it. This will give you enough airflow and more space for sitting positions during sex.

Find a convenient location. In the car, you can adjust the position of the front seats: move them back if you need more space in front, or, conversely, move them forward for more comfort in the back. The slope of the backrests can also be changed to make the space more comfortable or like a bed.

Play with temperature. You can alternate between heating and cooling if the car has air conditioning. Or turn on cold air at the same time as heated seats. Such a game not only brings the effect of a surprise since the partner does not know what will happen next, but the transition from hot to cold is fascinating.

What sexologists are silent about. Remember that sex in a car is more about spontaneous and quick sex., not love “marathons.” Even in the most comfortable positions, the body will become numb, and the sweet torture will eventually turn into real torment.

Safety tips for having sex in a car

Safety tips for having sex in a car

Don’t have sex and drive at the same time! Stop and turn off the engine before starting any petting!

Put the car on the “handbrake” to prevent its accidental movement.

For sex, choose the passenger seat in front or behind. This will give you more room to “maneuver” and avoid accidentally hitting the gas and brake pedals or the transmission.

Try to choose more secluded places. Sex in the car, with the possibility of being seen by others, certainly adds to the adrenaline. But such a risky activity can end, at least with interrupted pleasure at the most inopportune moment, and at most with a fine or even arrest for violating public order.

Do not have sex in a closed space (garage) with the engine running – it is very dangerous!

How to have sex in a car


If there is not enough space in the car for full sex, you can try joint masturbation. It may not be as exciting, but everyone will get their share of fun. Also, there will be time to clean up if anyone notices you.


You can masturbate in a car without a partner. Get out your favorite sex toy, listen to erotic stories or turn on a porn video if you want to get distracted during a long journey or just be alone.

oral sex

for oral sex, it is best to sit in the back seats so that both the giver and the receiver have the opportunity to take a more comfortable position (how much this will turn out depends on the size of your car).

If you are going to give a blowjob, turn sideways to the man sitting next to you and simply tilt your head to his knees. For cunnilingus, position 69 will be optimal when both partners are in the passenger seats in the back.

sex toys

With them, car sex will become even brighter. It is best to choose devices that are convenient to use in a limited space, for example, vibrating bullets, vibrating fingertips, erection rings, and couples stimulators.


In any car, you can arrange a small BDSM session with the help of improvised means.

The seat belts are the perfect accessory for securing. Buckle up your partner, and then do whatever you want with him (subject to mutual agreement).

Order the submissive to raise his arms above his head and tie them to the headrest with a scarf or belt.

Use sunglasses to limit your vision if you don’t have a special eye patch.

You can spank a naughty bottom well with a car owner’s manual.

Positions for sex in the car

Rider. If you have sex in this position in front, then move the seat back. On the back row – move the front row as far forward as possible.

Positions for sex in the car


The man sits on the passenger seat, and the girl kneels to him face to face and falls on the penis, adjusting the depth of penetration. For convenience, she can hold her hands on the headrest.

Reverse rider. The scheme of action is the same, only in this case, the girl turns her back to her partner. You can rest your hands on the dashboard. In this variant, the partner can also control the depth and speed of pushes, and the G-spot is also well stimulated.

Doggy style. A man is unlikely to be able to straighten up completely, but he will be able to cling closely to the woman’s body and additionally caress her breasts and clitoris with his hands. The penis completely penetrates the vagina, well stimulating the G-zone of the partner.

 Spoons. In this position, both partners lie on their sides, and the penetrating one is behind the giver. If possible, lower the front seat slightly to make it easier to hold on.

Stretching. The girl lies on her back and raises her legs, trying to throw them over her head. For penetration, the partner should kneel on the seat. In case of fatigue, the girl can put her legs on the man’s shoulders.

You can have sex not only inside the car but also outside it. For example, one person is sitting or lying in the car, and the second is outside. Or the girl sits on the hood (it is desirable to lay something under the body), and the man stands between her widely spread legs.

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