How to Have Sex During Your Period?

How to Have Sex During Your Period?

How to Have Sex During Your Period?
You can have sex during your period, but it is essential to approach the process correctly. At such a moment, the woman’s body is very vulnerable, so precautions should be taken. Simple rules can permit you to fancy even on important days while not negative consequences.

Sex during menstruation. Positive points

Intimacy during critical days is a natural process. After all, this period is not a disease for a woman. On average, your periods happen 10 to 16 times a year. And if you refuse intercourse every time, you get many days without pleasure.

Making love during menstruation has many undeniable advantages, which even gynecologists talk about:

  • Removal of pain. If there is a pulling pain in the abdomen, orgasm helps to cope with it. It is a powerful pain reliever, as it relieves spasm, and it is he who often causes discomfort, of course. Generally, the pain disappears utterly, and generally just for a few hours. But making love is much safer than using pain relievers.
  • Reduction of menstruation. During orgasm, the uterus contracts, which speeds up the flow of menstruation. The discharge leaves the body more intensely, and the critical days last 1-2 days less.
  • Improved mood. Sexual intercourse promotes the release of pleasure hormones, which helps to overcome PMS effects in a woman. She becomes more balanced; the desire to complain disappears. And against the background of a positive attitude, immunity is restored.

How to Have Sex During Your Period?

Sex during your period is a beneficial process. But throughout this era, the chance of developing diseases will increase. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for intimacy properly.

How to prepare for sex during your period

Blood is an excellent and best medium for bacteria to grow. And any infection can get directly into the uterine cavity. Therefore, it is important to prevent the development of any disease. And the main stage in this is proper hygiene.

Both the woman and her partner should go to the shower. In this case, you should use a means for intimate hygiene for both. But a woman should only wash her external genitals; foam and water should not get into the vagina.

Condoms are essential during critical days. Even if partners on other days do not protect themselves so, on such days it is necessary. This protects women from violations of the vaginal microflora. It also prevents blood from reaching the man’s urethra, which can also cause inflammation.

Comfortable sex positions during your period

There are not any restrictions on postures throughout vital days. One or two will opt for any position while not limiting themselves. But there are options when partners get dirty less, and they can be taken into account.

  • Missionary position.
    Blood does not leak out in the process, so it is less likely to stain everything around.
  • Spoons.
    It does not imply a beautiful view of the genitals, and it helps to forget about menstruation for a while and saves a partner from observing bloody discharge.

In the riding position, blood gets on the partner, and if the discharge is abundant, he can be seriously stained. In the doggy style, with every movement, he can see a bloody penis, which is not pleasant for everyone.

The acuity of sensations during menstruation

Every woman experiences her period in her way. For some, this is the time of maximum sexual desire, for others, the time for the disappearance of intimacy.

Some women find it easier to relax on critical days since they seem less likely to get pregnant. It is more difficult for others to get an orgasm, as there is a constraint in front of a partner.

Physiological changes also occur, and this affects the experience in bed. For example, the cervix descends, with deep penetration, it can hurt when pressing on it. But such stimulation turns on someone.

How to Have Sex During Your Period?

The discharge is an additional lubricant. Gliding is very sensual; it also helps arousal. And it also feels like the walls of the vagina swell. At the same time, the penis is grasped very tightly, each movement is felt more intensely, which both the woman and the man like.

How to keep it clean

Sex during your period can be much more comfortable with some accessories. They help protect surfaces from contamination.

  • Towels. It can be used to wipe down after sex. It is permissible to put it under the body during proximity so that the blood does not stain the surfaces, and it also ideal to use large, dense fabrics that can absorb a few tablespoons of liquid.
  • Diapers. Disposable is ideal for preventing contamination. It is ideal to use the size 60 by 90 cm. The surface of the diapers is soft, cotton, and also, the alternative aspect is created of fabric. This guarantees perfect absorbency, and the diapers do not get wet. You can find such accessories in any hypermarket in the children’s section.
  • Shower. It will help wash away any discharge before and after sex. But you can make love under it, and then your period will be almost invisible.
  • Special tampons. Soft tampons are specially designed for sex. They fit a soft sponge and aren’t felt once penetrated. In this case, contact with blood does not occur; no contamination arises.

Cunnilingus during menstruation

Oral sex during menstruation is not prohibited. It helps to experience orgasm faster, and the girl’s experiences can be many times brighter. But how to make sure there is no blood? How to keep your partner from touching the secretions?

  • To take a shower. It is necessary to grasp that no over one hundred fifty cubic centimeters of blood is discharged on the foremost active essential day. This is a maximum of 2 tablespoons per hour. Therefore, a visit to the bathroom removes a lot, and new secretions happen in 20-40 minutes, not much.
  • Choose a suitable day. At the beginning and the end of the cycle, there is minimal blood loss. On such days, one should be given oral sex without fear that there will be a “pool of blood.”
  • Use a tampon. Even a regular one will do. He is injected into the body, and he absorbs everything into himself. In this case, external caresses occur completely without contamination. Of course, vaginal sex is impossible with an ordinary tampon, but cunnilingus is obtained without problems.

It is not recommended to force a partner to cunnilingus during menstruation, but if he takes the initiative, you should not refuse.

Alternative to vaginal sex during your period

Sex is a multidimensional concept, and the process does not always involve vaginal penetration. Oral sex is a great alternative on critical days that is enjoyable but not painful.

Anal sex during menstruation is also not prohibited. Of course, it is important to observe hygiene, make sure that nothing from the anus gets into the female womb. But there are no other restrictions.

Hand caresses, hugs, touching different erogenous zones – all this is appropriate on critical days. And every couple can find an alternative solution for themselves that will replace vaginal sex if it is scary.

Bleeding after sex during menstruation

If penetration occurred, then it is important to know that an increase in the amount of discharge is possible in the future. The blood loss seems profuse for several hours. This is especially noticeable if a woman has an orgasm.

Pleasure causes uterine cramps, and this accelerates the discharge of menstrual flow. There is nothing wrong with that, just critical days will decrease, and this is normal.

But during sex on critical days, injuries can occur. Sensitivity changes, a woman may not always experience pain even with intense exposure. And after aggressive sex, trouble can happen. Bleeding that does not stop for many days in a row is a reason to see a doctor.

Damage to the cervix is ​​possible during sex. It can happen on any day, but it is on critical days that a girl may not notice it. Therefore, it is important to look at your well-being. And if bright red blood is released for a long time, its amount is much higher than usual. You need to consult a doctor. If your period does not end on time, if it continues for several more days, you need to talk to your doctor.

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