How to Enlarge your Penis

How to Enlarge your Penis

How to Enlarge your Penis :-

                                                         All the magic potions that advertisements show will make you lower at best, and harm your health. The only sure way to enlarge your penis is to have surgery, but it is hardly worth the sacrifice.

What size is normal

The size of a regular member in an erect state is 10-18 cm, most of them. Average length Penis size- 13.12 cm. The spread is large, and this does not take into account the thickness and shape. Pathologically small organs (less than 7.5 cm with an erecting) are remarkably unique. So, most likely, a man who dreams of adding centimetres is worrying in vain.

Of the 92 people who complained about a small penis and asked the University of Cairo, the owner concise body, there was no treatment of men complaining of short penis. That is, 92 perfectly normal guys decided that they had small genitals when they were not. Men with really small penises exist; it’s just that their number is not as great as it seems to men themselves.

How to enlarge a penis using operations

Penis size does not affect urination or erection. Therefore, any penis enlargement operation is usually only cosmetology and is not recommended anywhere except in plastic surgery clinics. These interventions were originally developed for men who have difficulty urinating due to injury or congenital disabilities.

How to Enlarge your Penis

Operations have serious complications. Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?:

  1. Infections.
  2. Scar formation.
  3. Impotence.
  4. Loss of sensitivity.

Therefore, you need to resort to them as a last resort: not when you want more, but when there are medical problems. There are several techniques for changing the size of the penis.


This is an intervention in which the ligament between the penis and the bone is cut. The penis, which is not attracted to the bone, appears longer in an erect state because the ligament does not hold it.

You shouldn’t have any illusions about the operation. The member will not become more than twice or one and a half. No surgeon, if he is conscientious, will not say precisely how much the penis will increase. It all depends on each patient’s anatomical features, but a height of more than 3 cm in either luck or a myth. Therefore, only 35% of patients are satisfied with the result of such an intervention. Penis-Lengthening Surgery Questioned…

Even with a successful operation, unwanted side effects can occur. Due to the ligament’s dissection, the angle of elevation of the penis during erection will change, and part of the pubic skin – along with the scalp – will turn into the skin of the base of the penis. Better not imagine what it looks like.

Penis thickening surgery

Different implants are used to make the penis thicker, made of silicone or from the patient’s tissues. These are controversial procedures Penis Enlargement: Does It Work? which also has many contraindications.

With the help of injections, the penis is also made thicker. Adipose tissue is taken from the patient and injected into the penis. As a result, the organ swells and becomes wider. But not for long: the method has many unpleasant consequences. Penis enlargement… The most common is that adipose tissue begins to shift unevenly under the skin. As a result, lumps form in some places and dips in others. It is possible to correct the shape and appearance only with the help of surgical intervention.

How to enlarge the penis without surgery

How to Enlarge your Penis

There are no “home” methods that would help make the penis bigger and thicker. Anything that promises endless growth is marketing gimmicks or outright deception Penis-enlargement products: Do they work?… Here’s what exactly doesn’t work:

  1. Pills . Penis enlargement pills are nutritional supplements made from a mixture of vitamins, herbs, extracts of rare ingredients and hormones. None of these tools change the size of the penis. In addition, they are not registered as medicinal products, which means that no one controls their production. Therefore, it is not known what is actually in the pill (well, if nothing).
  2. Creams, lotions . Their composition is the same as that of additives, only the form of presentation is different. Due to local irritation or edema, a temporary enlargement effect may appear, but this is unpleasant and dangerous: such cosmetics are also not tested.
  3. Infernal mixes . Advertising lures you to dubious sites and offers to make something of balm “Star” and baking soda or other equally strange ingredients. In whatever proportions it is suggested to mix the constituent parts, we do not recommend applying the result to the penis, as, indeed, anywhere else.
  4. Pumps . Mechanical action on the penis causes blood flow and slight edema, so the penis seems larger for a while. But this passes quickly, and if you use the pumps often, you can damage the tissues of the penis, so that it becomes deformed or problems with erection begin.
  5. Exercise . The Jelqing technique is a self-massage from the penis’ base to the head with a delayed ejaculation. Like other DIY augmentation methods, exercise has no proof of work and complications: pain and deformities.

There is also a non-surgical method of using an extender, the modest effectiveness of which has been confirmed by a small study. Penis enlargement… Several months of using the extender can increase the penis by 1–3 cm. But these studies are too small and do not provide an absolute confirmation of the technique’s effectiveness. In addition, self-enlargement is not recommended: it can lead to damage to blood vessels, narrowing of the urethra, priapism Import Alert 78-01…

What to do if your penis seems small

No matter how much they repeat that size is not the main thing, men continue to worry. 

According to the survey results, the most interesting thing is that women like the size of their partner in 85% of cases. Only in 55% of cases, men are satisfied with the length and girth of their penis

When you can’t help but think about size, try to do at least what you can.

The real opportunity to enlarge your penis is to shrink what is around it. True, this only applies to overweight men. Sometimes it is enough to lose weight so that the surrounding tissues no longer hide the genitals. A firm press over the middle penis looks better than the abdomen over the large.

An easier way is to tidy up the vegetation if it is too lush. For example, using a trimmer.

And remember: Whatever is shown in porn, is the result of casting and filming. Than to suffer from an often imagined problem, pay attention to physical health, potency and sex technique..


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