How to do Friendship sex in right way

How to do Friendship sex in right way

How to do Friendship sex in right way: is a type of relationship in which there is a friendship between two people, but they also have sex with each other. Such sex does not develop into something more – the partners have no plans for a life together, do not confess their love to each other, and are not jealous.

As a rule, friendship sex in right way, there is no courtship and flirting. Intimacy occurs only for obtaining sexual pleasure – without emotional intimacy. But at the same time, there should be no misunderstanding and resentment between the participants. Otherwise, the whole meaning of the action is lost. Therefore, to enjoy friendship sex, you must follow the basic rules.

Friendly sex rules

Be Emotionally Prepared for These Relationships

If you’ve never tried casual relationships before, evaluate yourself before diving into them. Just ask yourself: am I ready for sex without commitment? Or do I need romance? Will I come to terms with the fact that in a relationship, everything will be only about sex?

When in doubt, it’s best to back off until you’re ready.

Choosing friends with privileges consciously

You can be friends in this kind of relationship. A good introduction is enough. But be wise in your choice of “friend.” It must meet the following criteria:

  • Be emotionally and mentally stable. You don’t want to get into trouble by sleeping with someone who’s not sane and getting into a toxic relationship.
  • A lover should not have an STI. In friendship sex, partners have no obligations, so casual sex with someone else can happen anytime. Remember to be safe and have sex with condoms on.Choosing friends with privileges consciously

Advice. Get tested for sexually transmitted infections together before having friendly sex.

Don’t Choose Colleagues or Longtime Acquaintances

Friendly sex assumes that any conditions do not bind partners, but it is tough not to have commitments if you work together or if it is a close friend. In addition, it won’t be easy to continue formal communication once you end the relationship, especially if it did not go well.

Set your boundaries and preferences

The meaning of friendship with privileges is to ensure that your sexual needs are met. Therefore, before you get to business, do not forget to discuss your intimate desires and boundaries. Do you have “special” preferences that you would like to try? Do you enjoy using sex toys for couples? Are you into anal sex? Don’t want to be touched after sex? Explain this to your partner. A clear understanding of what you wish to do or not will prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Set your boundaries and preferences

No talk about love

Ideally, even the thought of love confessions should not arise. The desire to translate friendships into something more serious will only bring joy if one of the partners has respectful feelings for the other. Yes, it is impossible to argue that such a relationship cannot become the beginning of solid love. But it is vital to take into account the desires of the other and not embarrass him with a sudden confession.

No talk about love

Have fun

The advantage of friendship sex in right way is that there is no pressure and no expectations. You do not need to report your whereabouts. There is no need to be together all the time and spend money on gifts for the monthly “anniversaries.” You get all the benefits but do not bear the responsibility associated with a serious relationship.

Don’t be jealous

Both men and women tend to be jealous of the partner with whom they have sex. But intimacy for friendship is different from making love with a soul mate. Friends with advantages have no barriers to flirting and having sex with other people. Therefore, you should not be upset when listening to the stories of a sex friend about his love affairs. If it is very unpleasant to know about this, ask your partner to keep such revelations with him.

Don't be jealous

Hold back emotions

The main difference between friendship sex in right way and ordinary intimacy between lovers is that partners do not exchange deep emotions. Everything happens at the level of instincts and physiology. Of course, you can share some personal experiences. But if, for example, a girl begins to accuse a friend of not being interested in her inner world, both sexual and friendly relations can collapse.

Less hugging

On a subconscious level, hugs are perceived as manifestations of tenderness and love. It is better to refrain from them to avoid accidentally falling in love with each other. If you hug at every opportunity, the feeling of friendship will disappear, and something new will begin to arise, for which one of the partners may need more time to be ready.

Do not communicate outside of the bed.

Frequent warm communication between friends-lovers can result in something more spiritual. But when deciding on friendship sex, partners should understand that there should be nothing else between them. A strong friendship and good intimacy can cause a desire to strengthen the relationship, for example, try to start living together. If there is yet to be anything in the plans, it is better not to take risks and not spend too much time with your lover.

Stay awake together.

Co-sleeping is something even more intimate and emotional than sexual contact itself. Do not stay with a friend with benefits overnight and sleep in the same bed. Such overnight stays can lead to the fact that one of the partners will begin to have respectful feelings for the other. And sex for friendship will lose its meaning. Fall asleep together if you have already confessed your love to each other and decided to move from the company to a more serious relationship.

Don’t sort things out.

Do not torment each other with questions about what will happen next. Even if it is unclear what the communication will lead to and what will happen to the friendship, in the end, there is no need to “download” the partner. Friendly sex should be easy and give only pleasant emotions. But if one of the lovers suddenly begins to sort things out, the other may get scared and refuse intimate communication.

Be ready for a sudden end.

Friends with benefits are not lovers or spouses. So at any moment, one of the partners can find his soul mate and refuse sexual “friendship.” Accepting this in advance will make it easier to get over the breakup. Just friendly relations will likely be maintained. But there is also a possibility that everything will end in one moment. Entering a sexual relationship with a friend, you must always be prepared for such an outcome.

Be ready for a sudden end

And the last. You should not make a complaint about the quality of sex to a friend in bed. Advising about caresses, positions, accessories, or suggesting a sexual experience will be helpful. But attempts to humiliate and embarrass by criticizing the abilities of a partner will not end in anything good. Use such relationships as a chance to try the most daring experiments and significantly reveal your sexuality because, with a partner-friend, you don’t have to portray anything, let alone be shy.

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