How to do a lingam massage Sex

How to do a lingam massage Sex

In tantric sexual practices, the emphasis is on slow, conscious sex, the ultimate goal of which is not orgasm, but rather the journey to it and the enjoyment of every single sensation. They allow a person to explore their body, recognize their own sexual needs, and also help improve relationships in a couple. One of the ways to experience an unusually intimate experience with a partner is lingam massage sex.

What is lingam massage?

This is a type of tantric sexual practice aimed at massaging the penis and the areas around it (testicles, perineum, prostate). The main idea is not just to experience an orgasm, but to learn how to get as much pleasure as possible by accumulating sexual energy.

In Hinduism, the symbol of the unstoppable energy of the god Shiva is the lingam (translated in Sanskrit as “sign, symbol”), and it was depicted as a stone column similar to a phallus. It also represents the generative force of creativity and fertility.

The practice of lingam massage sex originated in the 1970s in Berlin. Masseur Andro Andreas Rote is considered its author. Later, this idea was developed by the American Joseph Kramer, known as one of the leading teachers of erotic massage, and the Taoist master Mantak Chia. Over time, they were joined by sexologist Annie Sprinkle, who developed the yoni massage.

Benefits of lingam massage sex

This practice is recommended for people experiencing stress and physical fatigue, and those who are depressed. General massage of the whole body carried out at the beginning, relieves tension, relieves muscle pain.

Benefits of lingam massage sex

During a Lingam massage sex, a man:

  • learns to recognize their intimate needs, to accept their sexuality and body;
  • gets rid of shame;
  • increases self-confidence;
  • removes incorrect internal installations and restrictions;
  • gets the opportunity to experience multiple orgasms.

Lingam massage helps partners to get to know each other better – both physically and sexually, to establish relationships, and enliven the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Fundamentals of the male anatomy

Before you start giving your partner a lingam massage, brush up on your knowledge of male anatomy. The penis consists of a base, shaft, foreskin, and glans. At the tip of the head is the opening of the urethra.

The glans are the most sensitive part of the penis. If the partner’s foreskin has been removed, there will be a crown or ridge separating the glans from the trunk. The small fold of skin located between the underside of the glans and the foreskin is called the frenulum and is also very sensitive.

male anatomy

The testicles and scrotum, perineum are also very responsive to caresses – it allows you to do an indirect massage of the prostate gland, without the need for anal

penetration. That is why the perineum is considered a “sacred place” in this practice.

How to Prepare for a Lingam Massage sex

This is something more than just masturbation or caressing the penis with your hands. Both partners must be in a good mood so that everyone gets a pleasant experience from the process.

Find enough time. Make sure that no one and nothing will distract you – turn off your gadgets and close the door to the room. Put all the necessary things nearby

in advance: towels, napkins, lubricant, if desired – a prostate massager that you do not have to be interrupted during the procedure. If desired, take a bath with your partner to prepare and further relax. Get a manicure

so as not to damage the sensitive skin of the penis and perineum during the massage. Remove jewelry, and rings from hands and fingers. During the prostate massage, if desired, you can wear medical gloves.

Prepare for a Lingam Massage sex

Create an atmosphere:

  • Bright and harsh light does not allow you to fully relax, so take care of soft, subdued lighting: a night lamp, a table lamp, or candles (remember fire safety).
  • Turn on soft music, such as oriental relaxing melodies, and put on your favorite sexy playlist. And you can also listen to the sounds of nature – the sound of rain, the sea, the singing of birds.
  • Light incense or scented candles, and set up a vase of flowers (assuming none of you have allergies or breathing problems).
  • Take care of a comfortable temperature – the room should not be too hot or cold.
  • Remove unnecessary things from the room, and put things in order. Choose the place where the massage will take place: on the bed or on the floor. If you’re worried about your bedding getting dirty, lay down a large towel or special vinyl sheets.
  • Prepare a suitable massage agent: oil, cream, or candles.

Watch your breath. Try to breathe slowly and deeply, in the same rhythm as your partner throughout the massage. This will enable you to better understand one another.

How to give a Lingam massage to a partner

Find a comfortable position. There are several options. The one doing the massage can sit between the legs of the receiving partner or on the side of him. Another option is to kneel on the floor next to the bed. Change positions during the session to suit your comfort.

give a Lingam massage to a partner

The receiver sits or lies on his back, legs apart and slightly bent at the knees, so that the giver has good access to the genitals. Since the massage takes a long time, place a pillow under your head and hips for comfort.

Apply the massage agent to the palm of your hand. If it is cold, warm it up by rubbing your hands. When using a massage candle, allow the wax to cool slightly before pouring it over your partner’s body (don’t forget to extinguish the wick).

Slowly massage your partner’s body without touching the penis. Hand caresses are very pleasant and help to relax, showing that you love him completely. Start at the neck and shoulders and work your way down. Pay special attention to the lower abdomen, and upper and inner thighs.

Gradually move on to more sensual places. Remember that touching the scrotum should be gentle so as not to cause pain in a man. Add massage oil as needed. From the caresses of the testicles, you can go to the perineum. If your partner doesn’t mind, massage it longer.

When you’re both ready, gently grab your partner’s penis, running your hands along the shaft. Slowly massage closer and closer to the pubic bone, making circular motions as you approach the base of the penis

When massaging the trunk, remember that the movements should be varied:

  • change the grip from strong to light;
  • alternate direct and rotational movements;
  • act with two hands or one in turn;
  • move at different speeds: start slowly and gradually speed up the pace, then return to leisurely movements again.

Stop if the partner feels the approach of orgasm. Move your attention to other erogenous zones or do breathing exercises. Such actions are called edging. Do it throughout

the session for as long as you and your partner enjoy it. If the orgasm happened ahead of time, do not be discouraged and continue the massage further.

It is important to maintain communication with a partner during a massage. Ask: how does he feel, does he like what you do, etc?

Lingam massage techniques

There are several options for touching the penis during a massage. Do them one by one or mix them up.

Lingam Shiatsu. Gently pinch your penis between your thumb and forefinger and then release. Repeat the action, moving gradually from the base to the head.

“Ski”. Grasp the edges of the penis with both hands and alternate up and down movements of the thumbs from the base of the shaft to the tip. Try doing this at different speeds and pressures.

“Screwdriver”. Take the penis with both hands and gently rotate them in different directions. Change the grip strength from stronger to lighter.

Weasel frenulum. Grab the bottom of your penis with one hand. With the thumb of the other hand, massage the junction of the foreskin with the head in a circular motion.

“Prayer”. Hold your palms with your fingers crossed as if in prayer and place your penis between them. Spread your thumbs apart and move them along each side of the trunk up and down at different speeds.

Grasp your index finger and thumb just below your head and twist your hand, alternating different grip strengths. On the other hand, simultaneously massage the barrel or balls.

Love testicles. While massaging the lingam, gently pull the scrotum down. Gently squeeze them together and release, roll them in your palms, or simply run your fingertips over your skin. Watch your partner’s reaction so as not to cause discomfort.

Perineum massage. At the request and consent of the partner, perform anal stimulation of the prostate with your fingers. Gently insert a heavily lubricated finger into the anus, tilting it so that it points towards the front of the body. When you feel your prostate, apply light pressure on it to massage it. Instead of a finger, you can use a prostate massager.

What to do if the partner does not like the lingam massage?

Many men are accustomed to masturbating with a tightly clenched fist and intense speed. And he finds slow and sensual strokes less pleasant or even ticklish. Your goal is to give a massage that promotes intimacy between partners so that the man feels that his body and penis are being “worshipped.”

It may take several sessions for him to like it. Sometimes he may lose his erection, which is also completely normal. If you both like it, keep up the good work. And if not? Then try other practices or return to more familiar pleasures!

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