How to Clean Sex Toys

How to Clean Sex Toys

Cleaning and caring for sex toys: It is essential to follow these tips:

How to Clean Sex Toys: Our recognized cleaning sex toys specialist and sex columnist Mimi Erhardt will tell you how to hygienically and correctly clean your sex toys after use in 4 steps. I am an internationally recognized sex toy cleaner. Yes, you are amazed. But it is true. In one of the nicest summers I’ve ever had, I was working on the set of a US porn production as part of my journalistic work. And I was one of the girls for almost everything – the girls for EVERYTHING were paid better and didn’t have to work as long, I swear.

Part of my job – besides making sandwiches, buying drinks, delivering moral support to the girls, and getting enemies by the dozen – also cleaning the love toys used in the scenes. Sorry to have to find out this way, but the performers don’t sit down and scrub their dildos after the wacky scene. At least in the case of larger productions, this is done by those who are responsible for the fund. In this case me. But no problem, my inhibitions are generally low, and these are all just body fluids. (Also worth reading: Sex toys: intelligent vibrators bring orgasms for every body type )

As a sex toy cleaner, I learned everything about proper cleaning

At that time I learned everything about the correct cleaning of love toys from my set assistant colleagues, the duty after the freestyle, so to speak. This is not only essential on the porn set but also if you only use the toys in your private household. Because human body secretions are teeming with bacteria and germs. And the thought that a little bit of old lubricant sticks to my new friend’s vibrator directly give me herpes of disgust. Apart from that, well-cared-for toys last a lot longer. (More worth reading: Suggestive hours solo: ​​Different sex toys for men and sex playthings for men – Part 2: Three innovative toys )

So here are some tips for everyone who values ​​their toys (and their health and that of their partner).

Tip # 1: Do the cleaning sex toys

How to Clean Sex Toys

The most important tip in advance: Always clean sex Toys immediately after use. Please do not kick the masturbator under your bed to clean it up “later”. In the end, you will forget that, and then everything will be bleak. Cleaning is straightforward in most cases. Many toys can be cleaned with water (at most lukewarm) and a little mild soap. This also applies to your Fleshlight: Simply pull the sleeve out of the can and rinse it with soap and warm water. To be on the safe side, use a special toy cleaner that you can buy not only online, but also in the friendly sex shop around the corner.


Hand and Nail Care Routine for Men | House of Care tutorial

Please keep your hands off cleaning products containing alcohol, as these attack the material. Speaking of materials: toys made of latex or rubber require special care because the pores in these materials are the perfect breeding ground for germs. In this case, you should get an antibacterial cleaning agent for your love toys from the erotic store.

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And then? After cleaning, let the toy air dry well before putting it away again. If you tend to forgetfulness like me, I recommend setting a timer to remind you to put the truck driver’s pussy, sorry, the masturbator back, tidily away. The next time you have coffee with your in-laws, there shouldn’t be any unpleasant moments when the sparkling clean toy next to the Motel-a-Milo ceramic bowl with the small seashells from your last trip to the Baltic Sea is bobbing around in the bathroom.

Tip # 2: The grooming

Soap and water are not always enough. So-called Real-Feel-Toys made from CyberskinNature-Skin or TPE (which stands for thermoplastic elastomers and is often used to make so-called Real Dolls) should be treated with special care powder after cleaning. This prevents hair, dust, or small crumbs from sticking to the vibrator or masturbator and also ensures an even more realistic feeling with the next one-on-one, as you preserve the skin-like structure of the material. You don’t have to wash off the powder beforehand. Professional tip: You should even re-powder before use. Feels even more real because it is less sticky.

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Tip # 3: The energy thing

Is your sex toy battery operated? Then remove the batteries from the device when not in use. So they last longer. First discharge batteries completely before you recharge them – they can, by the way, remain in the toy. But who do I tell You also have at least one tablet.

Tip # 4: Storage

How to Clean Sex Toys

Heat and direct sunlight are poison for the often sensitive material of many sex toys. It is therefore essential to keep your treasures in a cool, dry, and preferably dark place. Now you could theoretically put everything in the small box in your Pax cabinet system. But be careful: Please don’t just hoard all the toys together. Because it can happen that the high-tech materials do not get along well with each other. For example, silicone love toys should never be stored next to each other, as contact can make the surface porous. For this reason, and to keep the good pieces hygienic, I recommend a separate small bag or box for each toy.

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