How to choose a Butt Plug?

How to choose a Butt Plug?

How to choose a Butt Plug: The butt plug is one of the most popular types of sex toys, and it can be used for more than just sexual pleasure. Along with dildos, anal plugs come in a huge variety of types, shapes, sizes and materials. And so that you do not have to blush in the intimate goods store, asking the seller for awkward details, we have prepared for you a complete analysis of the characteristics of this delicate accessory.

What is it and how can it be used

The butt plug is a specific sex toy for stimulating the sensitive area of ​​the anus. It can be used for different purposes:

  • During sex – the plug perfectly stimulates the prostate gland in men and gives additional pleasure to the woman. This allows you to get new sensations from sex, make your orgasm brighter, longer and give an unforgettable experience.
  • For decorative purposes – butt plugs with a tail or other decorative elements will add variety to bed fun. If you love sexy role-playing games, then the ponytail is the best butt plug for you.
  • Daily Wear – Some people enjoy getting anal stimulation all the time throughout the day. For this, models are selected that can be easily worn under clothes. With such a plug used during the day, in the evening, you will meet your partner fully armed, and the orgasm after the accumulated sexual tension during the day will be as bright as possible.
  • For training anal muscles – the choice of an anal plug for this purpose will be relevant for those who like to indulge in a strap-on or just want to master the “new horizons” of anal sex.

If you want everything at once, then it makes sense to buy a whole set of plugs, different models of which can be used for different purposes.

What are the types of traffic jams?

The modern sex industry constantly surprises even sophisticated lovers. Nowadays, butt plugs are not just commonplace plugs. There are many interesting modifications:

  • Inflatable – the good thing is that you can adjust the size of the accessory with one touch of your hand. This is a great option for inexperienced users who want to start small but grow larger over time;
  • With vibration – controlled by the remote control and stimulates the prostate or vagina, causing a very vivid sensation during use. Advanced models can vibrate at different frequencies;
  • Non-standard shape – all kinds of accessories with a ribbed surface, antennae, curved shape and so on. Here you need to understand that you cannot insert such models into an unprepared anus: you can injure it;
  • With decorations – designer fantasy knows no bounds. There are toys with tails of all colors and sizes, with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

It makes sense to choose an anal plug not only for your desires but also for your capabilities. For example, if you are trying this accessory for the first time, then do not choose a model with vibration or especially large size. Start with something small and simple; otherwise, you will get pain instead of excitement.

Which Butt plug is better: choose the shape and size

Butt plug size is a very important parameter. There is only one tip for choosing a size – start small. The optimal diameter for beginners is 2 centimeters, and you can increase it only after you realize that the muscles of the anus are stretched enough to accept something more.

How to choose a butt plug Shape:

  • Cone – a classic of the genre, the best option for both beginners and experienced users, it is distinguished by the most comfortable introduction;
    A ball is a form for aesthetes, it is more difficult to insert such a cork than a conical one, so you should not start with it

how to how to choose a butt plugchoose a butt plug

  • Curly – in this case, we are talking about a curved toy or with a ribbed surface. Such delights are not done for beauty but in order to provide more effective stimulation of the prostate in men and the G-spot in women.
    As for the rigidity, it all depends on the purpose of use. For example, for occasional sexual play, the most rigid models are suitable, and for daily wear – flexible ones. But it is better not to buy soft anal plugs.

how to choose a butt plug


How to choose a butt plug Material

Manufacturers offer a huge number of material options, but some of them are solely for a decorative function, but for their intended use, they can be very bad. Asking the question of which anal plug to choose, it makes sense to know the characteristics of the materials:

  • Metal – the main advantage of this option is pleasant, felt the heaviness. The metal stopper will provide you with vivid sensations and a violent orgasm if you warm it up in hot water before insertion. But you shouldn’t insert it before passing through the metal detector, and they won’t understand;

  • Silicone is the “king” among materials for erotic toys. The silicone toy is easy to insert and remove, soft enough not to cause pain for beginners. True, do not try to buy cheap Chinese models, as they are made from low-quality silicone, which absorbs odors and quickly loses its attractiveness

how to choose a butt plug

  • Glass is the original answer to the question of which anal plug is better. Glass accessories are dense, glide well, do not absorb odors. The only significant disadvantage is the risk of breaking if dropped, so you need to handle the glass anal plug carefully.

In order to answer for yourself the question of which butt plug is better, you need to reasonably estimate your capabilities, and not just focus on fantasies. Tearing the epithelium of the anus and violent orgasm are very different things, so you should not start with large sizes and exotic shapes. And if you think that there is no limit to perfection, then buy a set in which the corks will be ranked by size. And most importantly – use a lubricant!

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