How long can you wear Nipple Clamps

How long can you wear Nipple Clamps

How long can you wear Nipple Clamps

The assortment of intimate goods stores is becoming more and more diverse, because every couple wants to get more and more pleasant experiences from sex. Today we will talk and discuss nipple clamps, their types and purpose.

Of course, such devices are preferred mainly by lovers of non-standard sex and BDSM practices, but not always, because both female and male nipples are particularly sensitive and their additional stimulation, with the help of accessories such as clamps , capable of making an orgasm even longer and brighter.

How long can you wear Nipple Clamps

Some women are able to experience an orgasm from fondling their breasts.
In general, there are clamps not only for nipples but also for male clamps, clitoris clamps, etc.

Main types:

  1. With regulation. This look is great for those looking to try clamps for the first time;
  2. With chains. Stylish and beautiful option, suitable for both amateurs and professionals, a pleasant cold from the chain will add pleasant sensations
  3. With magnet. Quite gently stimulates the erogenous zone;
  4. With additional functions. For example, with vibration;
  5. “Clover.” The sensations are very sharp, but cannot be used for a long time due to the fact that blood circulation in the clamped part of the body is disturbed.

Basic rules for using clamps:

  •  Of course, do not forget about foreplay, because clamps should be put on an already excited body;
  •  Before putting on a clamp on a partner, check it for compression force, do not overdo it. Otherwise, instead of pleasure, the partner will feel pain;
  • Do not forget that with a clip, you block the access of blood to that part of the body that you pinched, and you cannot wear them for a long time;
  • Nipple clamps are not put on the tip of the nipple, but a little deeper, to avoid pain and discomfort;
  • To begin with, you can put on the clips and hold them for about 1 minute, and then you can increase the wearing time up to 20 minutes, but no more !!

The use of such sexual accessories is possible only with the consent of the partner, and do not forget about the stop words, saying which you can immediately stop and release the clamps.

The use of the clamps should not cause pain or discomfort, only pleasant sensations.

We repeat once again that you cannot wear nipple clamps for more than 20 minutes !!


In conclusion, we repeat that the nipples are a very sensitive erogenous zone, both in women and in men, their stimulation will bring you especially vivid sensations. The main thing is to choose and use the right accessories, and sex will give you new emotions and a real pleasure.

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