How does a sex machine work

How does a sex machine work

how does a sex machine work

how does a sex machine work? The principle of work. The main types of sex machines. Popular brands of sex machines.

For a variety of sexual life, many couples, and singles too, use various kinds of sexual devices. A huge number of sex machines are divided according to the principle of operation, as well as by types of use and many other factors. The main thing is to use them correctly so that you can fully experience all the colors of beautiful sex.

What is a sex machine?

A sex machine is a special mechanical device that reproduces the movements that are used during intercourse. It is important to understand that such devices can be used not only for women but also for men. In this case, only the types of nozzles change. Some devices can have attachments in the form of female genital organs, as well as stimulating the anus.

Such a device can be useful for those who want to try sex from a different angle, with several partners, as well as for the group of people who cannot live without sexual pleasure. Such a car will be able to deliver pleasure at any time of the day and in any place. In addition, these machines are bought after watching certain porn videos. Everything is so vividly shown there that people want to try it on themselves.

It is important to understand that such a toy does not cost a penny, and therefore it is better to buy it for frequent use.

Great for a variety of sex life and freedom of imagination. Those who like to participate in BDSM games will be very interested in sex machines as they can be used for such parties. Many love machines are directly designed for domination games. They can be equipped with handles, loops, and safety belts, as well as all kinds of fasteners such as handcuffs and chains. 

how does a sex machine work

How does a sex machine work:

The principle of work of a sex machine is that it performs translational movements, which are transmitted from the electric motor to a special rod with a nozzle located on it. In addition, there is a control panel that can regulate all the main processes. First of all, it is the speed and depth of penetration, as well as the angle of inclination of the nozzle.

The device of a sex machine has several parameters that are worth paying attention to. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the power of the electric motor for a sex-machine. When a woman approaches the highest point of pleasure, her vagina spasms and contracts. In this case, if the power is insufficient, the engine may decelerate and burn out as a result. How a sex machine works can be explained by the consultant of the store where you will buy it.

Also, if necessary, you should purchase additional items and accessories. Phallus attachments for sex machines differ in materials as well as size. In addition, when buying, you need to understand the construction of a sex-machine. It can contain a different number of attachments, work with different methods, and be used for singles or group entertainment. There are also homemade love machines that you can build yourself according to the scheme of a sex-machine. The engine for a sex machine can also be made without problems. 

The main types of sex machines:

A huge number of models of sex machines can be found in any specialty store. Models vary in size and operation. The size must be selected depending on the frequency of use, as well as on the free space in the room:

  1. Stationary devices. These are large devices that occupy a significant area. They are usually used in those homes where sexual parties of various kinds often take place.
  2. Outdoor options. Suitable for floor installation. Very compact yet powerful devices. Movements usually take place only from top to bottom. This refers to the disadvantages of this type of machine.
  3. Portable. Small devices that can be transported often, if necessary.
  4. Manual. Small handy gadgets that can even fit in a purse. Convenient to take with you on a trip and use anywhere.

In addition to size, it is worth paying attention to other types of sex machines and their work. These include:

  • Saddle. The name itself speaks for itself. Models look like a real saddle, only with an artificial phallus.
  • Monkey. Visually resembles a rocking chair. However, he does not use electricity.
  • A tripod with a movable stem. It is important to correctly adjust the height and angle of the nozzle during use. Most often, the attachments in such a machine are not equipped with a vibration function.
  • Portable. Very well transported without looking like a vibrator. It can be a simple box that needs to be assembled and launched in a place where it is convenient for you. Most often it has low power.

The most modern models are equipped with an electrostimulation function. This will give a lot of new sensations.

Three countries in the world have the most sex-machine manufacturers. These are America, China, and also Germany. Several manufacturers are successful and produce the most popular models of love cars.

  1. My Pleasure. Has a silent motor, speeds up to 300 frictions per minute, quickly assembled. The set includes a remote control with vibration. Friction length – 8cm. It is possible to change the dildo.
  2. Double Casanova. Sex machine for double penetration. It has two phalluses that can move independently of each other. Length of frictions – from 6 to 14 cm. Speed ​​- up to 300 frictions per minute. In addition, the set includes an AC adapter and a 2 m cord.
  3. Caesar 3.0. Can be used for both women and men. The speed is also up to 300 frictions. The height of the stem is adjustable. There is a remote control with a long cord.
  4. Love Machine. It has several replaceable attachments up to 37 cm long. There is a toggle switch for switching between modes. There are 8 speeds and 8 vibration modes.
  5. Black box. The most convenient model in terms of transportation and storage. Outwardly, it will go well for an ordinary toolbox. The speed is up to 130 frictions, and the weight is only 6 kg. There is a remote control panel.
  6. Format. A very powerful tool that will give pleasure to the coldest woman. The frequency of frictions can be adjusted and is up to 2500 per minute.

In short, everyone can find a device to their liking. Therefore, you can go for a run in special stores. Or take a look at the Internet, which is filled with a large number of selling sites with such products. There you can evaluate both the motor of the sex machine and all its accessories before making a purchase. You can also focus on the manufacturer’s brand.


Sexual entertainment is no longer forbidden. Sex has firmly entered our lives, and therefore many want to have objects that help in obtaining unearthly pleasure.

The work of the sex machine is simple, and the sensations are much brighter than those of the most skillful partner.

At the same time, the use of sex machines is justified both in solitude and in the marital bedroom. In addition, the device can be hidden, and in your life, there will be a little secret between you and your partner. 

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