How Big Are Ben Wa Balls

How Big Are Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls: size matters

How Big Are Ben Wa Balls

How Big Are Ben Wa Balls & We will learn to choose vaginal balls, they are “geisha balls”, they are “ben-was”. Unlike vibrators and pulsators, where the power of the motor and the number of programs are most important, geisha balls belong to those devices where size and material are of fundamental importance.

What else did you expect to see by going to the “Sex” heading on the eve of New Year’s holidays? Do not be afraid, you can leave the page open: neither husband nor children, looking over their shoulder, will not guess what we are talking about here.

But first, let’s understand if you personally need these pretty things.

Who needs them and why

It is known that metal or stone (most often jade) balls were used by the concubines of the Ancient East – India, China, and Japan. For what purpose they used them – the indications differ. You can’t ask the concubines themselves anything, and the researchers of ancient manuscripts can only determine with accuracy what place these spheres were thrust into.

Some historians believe that the girls did this for the purpose of self-satisfaction (when there are 300 concubines per ruler in the harem, the periods of inactivity could be quite long, the question had to be somehow solved), others – that in order to train the muscles of the vagina for the subsequent satisfaction of their lord. If you try to insert a jade or all-metal ball into yourself, you will soon find that you have to be a very trained concubine in order to hold it for a long time. It will fall out! So, looking at this beauty, do not torment yourself with the question “How to get than those without a string?” Getting it is not a problem. The problem is to keep.

Nowadays, the balls are “assigned” not to young concubines, but on the contrary – mainly to faithful spouses and virtuous mothers with a good experience of life together. And the goals of the current balls are somewhat different – to maintain the elasticity of the vaginal muscles after childbirth (when they were stretched as a result of mechanical stress) and on the eve of menopause (when they lost elasticity as a result of hormonal changes). So the balls are definitely for training.

How to choose “your size” of Ben Wa balls

You will be surprised, but for beginners, not the smallest, but the largest balls are made. The larger the diameter, the more likely you will feel it through the vaginal walls at any degree of stretch. The lighter the ball, the easier it will be for you to hold it inside. When you can keep the ball out of yourself for half an hour (while driving!), Then you have the right to praise yourself and buy the next one, smaller in diameter and heavier.

Sometimes vaginal balls are sold immediately in sets: large – smaller – small.

When you learn how to handle the smallest and heaviest ones, you can try to tie the weight to the ring sticking out from the outside. But this is aerobatics!

How to train Ben Wa Balls

Modern balls are designed so that you don’t have to do anything on purpose: smear with lubricant and inject. They have a displaced center of gravity (usually the wrong sphere with the correct sphere inside), so they roll inside at their own discretion, and the vagina constantly flinches to catch them. All this, of course, is only relevant if you walk, run, swim, wash floors, or dance. If you are sitting on a chair, the balls are held inside by the chair, not by your efforts.

Double balls in this regard are more complicated and more effective than single balls: they have two centers of gravity.

When you have already reached certain heights and can use not silicone, but all-metal, stone, or glass ben-wa, then you can move on to special exercises and cultivate a geisha in yourself: drive the balls up and down and even rotate, contracting the muscles of the vagina.

1. Smartballs duo by fun factory

In Europe, the Fun Factory was a pioneer in the production and modernization of geisha balls. They gave these things a fun look, an ergonomic shape, and a silicone shell. Duo – balls for the second level of training – are suitable for those who have already practiced with single ones.

2. Svakom Nova Balls lilac and Svakom Nova Balls pink

This is a whole set of three balls – the best choice for beginners: 49 g (single), 75 g (large double), and 95 g (small double). With each shell, you need to do about a month (daily workouts from 15 to 40 minutes).

3. Climax Kegal

Climax Kegels – hypoallergenic glass balls on a silicone cord. For advanced users and even for real geisha: the total weight of the structure is 150 g, and additional weight can be suspended by the ring protruding outward. Difficult exercise: you can manually enter only one ball, and try to tighten the second inward, contracting the muscles of the vagina.

4. Sarah’s Secret vaginal balls

Everyone would be good (light and large – what a beginner needs), but connected with a rope. And the rope is not silicone for you, it cannot be properly disinfected. So the balls, by and large, turn out to be disposable – try and understand if this type of training suits you before you buy a device at a higher price.

5. Orgasmic Balls By Baile

The set includes two silicone balls of 30 g each and two of 40 g each. You can use them in any combination, but a single 30 g with a loop is intended for beginners.

6. Joyballs Secret

Real German quality made of real medical-grade silicone. A heavy metal ball rolls inside a delicate silicone one – and you train literally on the go. But this is not the main joy of a housewife. The manufacturer assures that this little thing will not suffer even from washing in the dishwasher!

7. Ben was glass balls in a gift box

Such beauty is for women who have already passed all levels of training and achieved the mastery of oriental geisha.

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