How are Dildoes Made

How are Dildoes Made

how are dildoes made

How are Dildoes Made:

How are Dildoes made Two tech students, Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl came up with the idea to start making sex toys in 1996. Dirk was married to a girl who worked in an intimate goods store. There were many lesbians among the customers of the store, but the plastic nightmare that was sold there did not find a response from the customers. The guys decided to come up with something completely different from naturalistic dildos and molded a prototype from plasticine, similar to either a dolphin or a penguin. The finished toy became popular and the entrepreneurs decided to keep going. In the same year, they built the Fun Factory in Bremen.

Now it employs 120 people, medical silicone and safe plastics are used in the production, most of the toys are assembled by hand. In 2013, two million products rolled off the assembly line: pulsators, vibrators, vaginal balls, dildos, strap-ons, anal toys, cock rings, and masturbators for men, as well as related products – gels, lubricants, toy care products. There is even an art toy from designer Karim Rashid, who collaborates with the company, in particular, designed his sex shop in Berlin.

how are dildoes madehow are dildoes made

Any toy starts with a sketch, which is then turned into a 3D model. Designers take inspiration from nature or architecture and then figure out how to adapt it to human anatomy and sexual preferences. Models of future vibrators are 3D printed or made of special foam. At this stage, they are being finalized.

how to create dildoes

Then a prototype of a future toy or dildoes is made from those materials that are planned to be used in a real product. This prototype is tested for functionality – there are special user focus groups for this. Based on the testing results, final adjustments are made to the model.

how dildoes made

Products are made from silicone. As with any liquid, there are imperceptible air bubbles in the silicone mass. Subsequently, they can cause damage to the product, therefore, before making toys, the bubbles are removed using a special vacuum unit.

At the stage of pouring, workers manually pour liquid silicone into the molds of future products. With the help of a special technology at the factory, its solidification is accelerated. After that, the dildo is removed from the mold. This operation requires a lot of hand strength, as well as a technique due to which the goods are not damaged.

The factory also uses injection molding technology. In this case, the silicone is poured into the molds under pressure. It allows the liquid to be distributed evenly. In some cases, machines are used to make silicone molds. On some, vaginal balls are made that rotate inside a silicone shell, on others – vibrators.

Some models require revision on a special machine that grinds the corners from the seams formed during the casting process. This operation is carried out only by hand and requires a lot of skill.

After the forms are ready, if necessary, they are equipped with a vibrating mechanism, a toggle switch, and a charging slot. The electronic chips inside the vibrators must be very small but reliable. To make sure there are no defects, each of them is tested at the factory. The same thing happens with electric motors. Before being sent to the warehouse, the entire product is tested. The toys are then packed in boxes that are sent to sex shops around the world.

how are dildoes made

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